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Meats and vegetables grilled at your table, Swiss style.

Where to get Raclette Grill


2006 Nov 7
Went with a party of 5 and shared 2 grills. Food was fresh. The mayonnaise based sauces weren't so great...kind of translucent, but we all enjoyed the Bechamel imensely.

The meat (chicken, beef) was very fresh and lean, the Merguez (lamb sausage) was new to me, and also lean and tasty, with a little game.

All the vegetables were fresh except the asparagus was a bit hard. It looked like they cut it with a knife instead of bending.

The cheese was amazing! Smells terrible but tastes unbeleivable. Doesn't taste anything like the smell. The entire place actually smells like very strong cheese. Good or bad? That's up to you.

Romantic atmosphere, candles, casual/dressy, bring your own wine.

Service wasn't so great...The waitress had a hard time explaining why our 6th guest who joined us late, wasn't allowed to share our food and wine without ordering something else. She actually tried to take her plate and glass away. Finally the manager explained the law properly and all was good, after embarassing our poor belated guest. It could have been handled better, IMO, then again I'll cut them some slack - the waitress was very young, probably new.

Overall a nice experience, I'd go back and try their fondue next time. Great date spot - lots of fun to cook your own food at your table, if you're into that kind of thing.