A bottled premium iced green tea from Japan. Available in cornerstores in Asia (eg Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia); and in New York City. Comes in various flavours (eg honey lemon) and the colour of the label varies with the flavour. Single serving sizes. I think the name Ito En is the only non-Japanese on the label. Searching for an Ottawa source.

Where to get ITO EN Green Tea

2009 Nov 15
The new T & T Asian supermarket (Hunt Club & Riverside) has Ito En bottled green tea - in both single serving and 2 L bottles, and in cans, which I've never seen before.
It seems the New York distributor is now shipping to Canada too.
Try this tea - you'll love it! And if there is volume in sales maybe it will stay on the market here...
Note: most varieties are unsweetened, so this is not North American style green tea "pop". There is a honey lemon slightly sweetened flavour though.
If you are new to real green tea, I suggest you avoid the barley flavour!