Where to get Gluten-free Pizza

2008 Jul 6
We had it last week. It was very good to my taste. We had pepperoni, mushroom, and sliced tomatoes topping. Asked for extra sauce. Thin rice crust, medium size $20.

It looked very good. Lots of cheese, great sauce (didn't taste like sauce out of a big plastic bucket from Costco). The pepperoni was not too salty.

I really enjoyed it. Will have it again.



2011 Aug 23
If you haven't been to La Dolce Vita on Preston St. yet, you are really missing out on the best dining experience you'll ever have.
Their gluten-free menu is the best this city has to offer. From appetizers to dessert (best cheesecake I've ever tasted!) They even have gluten-free beer.
After speaking with their Chef, Tarek, I came away 100% assured that there was no risk of cross-contamination in the kitchen. They take their business seriously. I try to get there at least once a week to indulge myself and have never been disappointed. Try their signature "5 cheese" pizza.

2010 Apr 7
La Dolce Vita Restaurant has the absolute best gluten-free pizza in the city! They have an amazing gluten-free menu which includes Gourmet pizzas, Mannicotti, Chicken and Veal Parmesan and many Gluten-free desserts. The menu even boasts 'the only place in the world with gluten-free Cannoli '(the little Italian tubular cookie stuffed with a 'melt in your mouth' cream filling). There's nothing better in Little Italy, after dinner, than a great Cappuccino and a Cannoli, and this is the place to get the finest.

2008 Nov 29
They use corn flour for the crust. It's better than most of the rice flour crusts I've had which are usually a little too hard. (But still a little grainy and not as sublime as wheat...sorry...). It's a relatively thin crust.

We had the Medito (Shrimp, cappicola, semi-hot peppers, dried apricots) which was pretty good and the Rustica (Sausage, roasted red peppers, mushrooms) which was almost as good.




2009 Dec 31
Was diagnosed with celiacs in July 2009.
Was craving Pizza.

Thirty years ago we always ate at Bella Vista when we first moved to Ottawa.
Went back over the years many times.

Then I heard they have Gluten Free Pizza.

We tried it a few months back.

Decor the same , like walking back in time.

GF Pizza excellent. Have been going there every few weeks since rediscovering it.
Had GF Spaghetti and meat sauce with pepperoni last visit. Piping hot and tasty!!

A nice treat if you want GF Italian food.!!


2007 Jun 24
fantastic idea...you are in my neighbourhood and can't wait to taste your gluten free pizza.Thank you on behalf of all celiac sufferers....i will let other people know about your place.