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Summertime dish of slushy chilled soup with springy noodles.

Naengmyeon at Food Mood: Korean Kitchen
Naengmyeon at Alirang Restaurant
Where to get Naengmyeon

2017 Jul 2
The Naengmyeon was served in a chilled stainless steel bowl. Lots of tasty icy broth, toothsome noodles, matchsticks of cucumber and pear. There was an egg, but no meat at all. Overall, it was good and I'd have it again on a hot day.

2018 Jul 14
This new menu item (actually off menu, as I had to ask about it) Icy Noodle is perfect on a hot day. A pile of chewy noodles sitting in a lake of salty cold broth with chunks of slushy ice. A dollop of gochujang adds a little spicy-sweetness to the experience, julienned cucumber and sliced radish give fresh crunch, and half a boiled egg supplies protein.

At ~$12.95+tax, I found it to be on the small side for something served in a disposable bowl but it turned out to be satisfying enough and I paid almost that much for a fast food combo (A&W Beyond burger with rings) this week so I should just shut up. :-)

They offered me a little condiment cup with a tiny bit of mustard oil in it, along with a verbal warning to take only a tiny amount. Man that stuff tastes weaponized! It's like wasabi concentrate, adding a fun sinusal assault to each sip.