Dandan Noodle at La Noodle
Dandan Noodle at La Noodle
Dandan Noodle at La Noodle
Where to get Dandan Noodle

La Noodle 12


2018 Jun 2
Dan Dan Noodle (Medium, $10) with triangle noodles at the ByWard Market location... so satisfying and delicious! There are few lunches that bring as much joy as this.

2017 Mar 25
I enjoyed these delicious noodles at the Byward Market location. The medium serving cost $11.25 after taxes and was the perfect lunch-sized portion for an average sized lad like myself. You can buy fresh Chinese wheat noodles via retail in this city, but they just don't compare to what La Noodle makes fresh in-house. The decor is nice and the service was kind during my meal.

2017 Mar 18
These hearty hand-pulled noodles in a wonderful peanut-chili-pork sauce were spectacular! The wheat noodles here are the best in town -- toothsome and satisfying. The spice level of this dish was perfect for me and there is chili in oil at the table for those who prefer even more heat. 👌