Matchstick Fries
Where to get Matchstick Fries

2014 Feb 26
I think I might have some like this at Empire Grill. There was parmesan on them. This was a couple of years ago. Same for the Shore Club. They were these amazing salt and vinegar very thin fries. I'm not sure if they are smaller than McDonald's though!

2014 Feb 25
Its been a while, but I'm pretty sure the fries served at Baton Rouge were match stick. It has been a number of years since I was there so things may have changed. I know it was an enormous pile of fries with my meal.

2014 Feb 25
My memory is usually foggy at best when I'm there - but the fries at Elgin Street Diner are pretty thin! Even moreso than McDonalds.

I'm not too sure though... it's hard to see them through all the steak/mushrooms/gravy & cheese ;)

2014 Feb 24
I think I remember having them at the Blue Cactus, but that was probably the last time I was in the market which may have been 20 years ago.

2014 Feb 24
Does anyone know if somewhere in Ottawa serves matchstick aka shoestring aka straw fries? These are matchstick-width fries, much thinner than McDonald's-sized bistro fries, and often quite crispy. A pre-made version of these is popular in Portugal (think Hickory Sticks without hickory flavour), where people often add them to a hot dog. :-)

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They are called pommes paille (i.e. straw) in France.

2014 Apr 5
I was just looking at the Black Dog Bistro's menu, and they have "matchstick fries" as a starter.