Tags: French · Italian
Chestnuts cooked and glazed in sugar syrup, used in desserts and delicious on their own.

Where to get Marron GlacÚ

2013 Dec 29
Also La Bottega Nicastro in the ByWard Market. Plus pretty much any gourmet shop in the ByWard Market that carries European delicacies.

2013 Feb 8
Nicastro's on Merivale is where I get mine. They have several different tin sizes (and a couple of different brands the last time I went). At the back.

2013 Feb 8
Pretty sure I have seen these at Nicastro's in the Market and at Grace in the Kitchen in Kanata. You might also check at the Bagel Shoppe on Wellington.

2013 Feb 7
Thank you so much! I will put on my detective hat and call these places!

2013 Feb 6
There is a new store that just opened in Westboro and the majority of itmes they carry are imported from France. I can't recall the name but it is on Richmond Road near Golden on the north side in a condo building. Sorry I can't be more specific. I think the name of the building is Station something or other. There is also, or used to be, a French import store in the market. You might also try Grace in the Kitchen in Kanata. They often have some of the more unusual items.

2013 Feb 6
Don't know about Ottawa in particular but was visiting university friends in TO this weekend. My friend wanted to check out Winners and I tagged along saw some Marron Glace there along with the nice almond crunch from Mrs May's I had in Vancouver.

2013 Feb 6
Does anyone know where to find some in Ottawa?