Deep Fried Pickles at Taters
Where to get Deep Fried Pickles

2013 Mar 22
Kinky in the market throws an interesting twist to their vegetable tempura. Hidden among the normal arsenal of vegetables are pickles and a few other unorthodox veggies.

I am not really sure if this is what you are looking for, but they are pretty good. It is always good to try different twists on the food we love.

Another good resource is always google, below are links to websites with lists and ratings of fried pickles I have found:

Based on this quick research, the James st. Pub has the best in the city.

Hope this helped.

2013 Feb 15
Union 613 has the best according to my GF. I found them to be very salty but very crunchy with great breading and sauce.I hear that they are homemade. Would a quick rinse help?

2013 Feb 15
Smoque Shack has some great ones. Seemed like they had been rinsed and thoroughly dried, as the breading was perfectly crisp/dry and the pickles were not overly sour. Best I've had anywhere.

2013 Feb 7
I know that The Works restaurant serves them now. Otherwise, I'm guessing a fair number of pubs would have them.


2013 Jul 9
I'm not usually a deep fried pickle guy, but my wife loves them so we gave them a try. Very good batter, and unlike most places the inside of this one isn't all mushy and gross. Very, very good deep fried pickles!