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Aged, miso-marinated tofu. Also called Vegan Foie Gras and Vegan Cheese/Butter. Native to Fukuoka, Japan.

Where to get Tofu Misozuke


2013 Jan 4
It is not difficult to make misozuke.
Drain excess water from tofu by putting about 500g weight,for about 30 mins.
wrap tofu in cheese cloth

mix 200g each red and white miso paste
ratio of miso can be changed as you wish,
white is sweeter than red one.

put 1/3 of miso in container and spread,
put tofu on ,cover entire surface of tofu with remaining miso paste.

Keep it in fridge, 5 days max.

you can reuse miso 3 times max.

Use fish, egg york instead of tofu is also good idea.

blend misozuke tofu and unsweetened soy milk to make dip or tofu mayo. season it with anything you like, I would use shichimi hot pepper and sesame oil.

2013 Jan 4
I can probably get it, but it might take a month or 2 before it arrives in Canada.

2013 Jan 4
I've never seen this product in a local store, but those guys sell it online : www.rauom.com/
I don't know if they can ship to Canada.

It doesn't seem very complicated to make (reciperenovator.com), but the aging for two months does mean you have to plan far ahead...

2013 Jan 4
A friend and respected local chef (twitter.com/sarah_J_allen) is looking for this miso-marinated tofu. It's apparently quite difficult to find. Any ideas out there?