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lautas, which mean "flutes," usually refer to a flour tortilla that is rolled up around a filling and deep fried. A Taquito is a corn tortilla rolled in a similar fashion with a filling of beef, chicken or cheese and fried until crisp. Sometimes the Flautas are rolled to be narrower on one side then the other to create a long, narrow cone shape. But the main difference is that usually Flautas are flour torillas, and Taquitos are made of corn tortillas. However, you can also find Taquitos made from flour tortillas and Flautas made from corn.

In some areas of Mexico the Flauta and Taquito are determined by size. the Flauta is very long, made from a burrito-sized corn tortilla. They are very long and thin and are usually served as a main dish. Taquitos on the other hand are the shorter versions usually served as an antojito or appetizer.

Flautas at Agave Grill
Where to get Flautas

2015 Aug 11
Admittedly the ambiance is definitely relaxed but geared towards fun not so much romance or conversation. We were there on a quiet afternoon with only one other table so the music volume was ok. I have definitely been to much louder dinner service there for sure.

2015 Jul 16
SushiStevie, what's the ambience like now? I once took my mother and mother-in-law years ago and the music volume made it almost impossible to hear one another.

2015 Jul 15
And here is the new and updated Flauta from Agave.

Just right and tasty cheesy chicken deep fried goodness. Dipping salsa was nice to but could have gone a little spicier for my tastes. Fries were crispy and tasty but nothing crazy. Veg on the side was a delicious flavourful touch but peppers were slightly overcooked. From my food industry perspective plating this dish on a larger plate would show off the value and pump up the esthetics a lot better instead of squeezing everything on this wee square vessel.

Try and get a window seat in the front for a great view of wellington st and attentive service (put's you right by the bar where staff tend to converge!).

This place is due for a comeback. Hot fresh tex-mex delight.