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2012 Feb 5
I have eaten here for lunch 2 times since just before Christmas. The food and service were excellent both visits. The value here is very good—especially judging by the number of seniors present at both visits! There was also a big office party of at least 30 people at my first visit and the kitchen and servers kept up well.
At the first visit hubby and I shared the spanakopita appetizer which was flaky phyllo pastry stuffed with the proper balance of spinach, feta cheese and herbs-the mint and greek oregano were just right. He had the roast lamb with rice and greek salad-there was a choice of fries or salad. It looked like shoulder or leg (not rack of lamb) but it was declared tender and delicious. I had the chicken corfu-chicken breast stuffed with spinach & feta, served with rice and greek salad. This was quite good although a bit salty (too be expected when the cheese is feta!) and I think some people would find the serving size small. I like fairly small servings; I ate all the chicken and salad and left some of the rice. The sauce was good and flavourful, the rice a little dry and fairly bland but it would have filled the hole for those with larger appetites. The greek salad was excellent-very fresh greens and generous amounts of feta and black olives, even the tomatoes had a bit of flavour. Each lunch was $11. With the appetizer size spanakopita we were both stuffed.
Next visit was a meet-half-way lunch with my daughter. I almost ordered the spanakopita with greek salad option but instead went with the lamb burger and salad ($10), an excellent choice. It was described as lean ground seasoned lamb wrapped in a greek pita with tomatoes, onions and tzatziki sauce. I will definitely order this again. Daughter had the chicken and pork brochettes on a bed of rice with that delicious greek salad ($11). Salad was just as fresh and delicious as my first visit. We decided to share a baklava-delicious-it is one large one so sharing might not be an option if you are with a co-worker. The desserts look homemade but I didn’t ask. Again, left stuffed and feeling very satisfied with the food, service and value. Forgot to mention-we started with garlic toast and water. The water was kept topped up and you could easily fill up on the simple yet tasty garlic toast. Very good value when you are in the west end-Richmond Rd. near Woodroffe.

2008 May 9
Went for dinner Wednesday night. We really like Theo's for a casual traditional Greek meal. (For something fancier we love Aroma Meze).
Theo's has a $10 off coupon in one of the books you get in the mail.
We started with a half litre of house white wine, and it may just be the illusion of the container, but it seems to me it provides more wine than the usual half litre?
For apps we shared the homemade tzatziki which comes with warm toasted greek pita and the large spanakopita. Both were delicious as usual.
For mains we both got the usual: me the Shrimps which come served on rice with potatoes and a side of veggies and a little cup of garlic butter (yum!).$20
Him: Chicken Corfu: 2 chicken breasts stuffed with spinach and feta, oven baked in a creamy basil wine sauce and served with rice, roast potatoes and vegetables. $17
Again as usual both were delicious.
I had one disappointment: the veggies on the plate are usually green beans and stewed tomatoes which is amazing. Our plates both came with snow peas and carrots. I mentioned my disappointment to the waitress (glad I did) and she told me that they only serve that side on Fri, Sat and Sun. Who knew?? I guess we have always ended up there on the weekend on previous visits. Now we know!!
For dessert we shared the Baklava (also made in house) which is oozing with tons of honey - awesome.
The meal was great and so was the service.
Our bill with tax (no tip) was $79 and then minus $10 for the coupon. So $69. Not too bad I guess!
As a side note, for those of us refusing to support giant sized portions, you may be happy to know that Theo's serves a very normal size portion (only 2 potatoes!) unlike another Greek place where you get about 50 (no names). Even with the portion we got I still brought half home and had it for lunch the next day. Perfect!