Foods from The Keg


2012 Jul 23
Whenever I go to the Keg, I know what to expect, after all it is a chain restaurant....albeit an expensive one. I ordered the Filet Mignon and garlic mashed potatoes. The quality was satisfactory and I enjoyed the flavours of the steak and potatoes. The Bearnaise sauce was a little thick but I hardly ever use it so it was not a big issue. The issue I had was that the steak was cut to check if it was done. I ordered Medium rare and it was more on the medium side. A good chef should be able to check doneness by feel not by cutting into it. My brother (who is a chef) would have sent it back. Other than that, I was happy with my meal. The service was excellent.

2011 Aug 10
Had a decent meal at the Keg Hunt Club last night that met our expectations. Baseball Sirloin and Prime Rib, both cooked properly and with good texture. I loved the heat in the horseradish served with the prime rib, but the bearnaise with the steak tasted like it came from a can.

But what's with the pile of fried onion strings served on the side of the prime rib? They looked interesting, but when I plunged a forkful into my mouth expecting something like a delicate onion ring kind of flavor, I was surprised by the cold temperature and greasy mouth feel. It was really, in my opinion, inedible.

I asked the server if it was supposed to be like that and she said "They're not served warm. They're normally cold: It's just something they put on the side. If you want I can see if they'll heat them up for you?" I declined, but not sure why they would put a 5" diameter pile of cold and greasy fried onion strings on every plate.

Other than the onion strings, the meal was good value and good quality, although there was constant pressure from the server to upsell (apps, more sides, bigger wine, more wine, dessert etc.) The service was however, polite, helpful and efficient, and we were more than satisfied with our meals, which came to a total of $68 including two small glasses of zin, but not including tip.

2010 Oct 12
Ashley: I made the mistake of trying the sirloin at my first visit to The Keg—what can I say? It was a business trip and I wanted to keep it on the cheap—and I don't think I'd do it again.

Don't get me wrong, I like meat with texture, but this was almost entirely flavourless and felt like shoe leather. Not something you'd expect from a steak cooked rare!

2010 Oct 10
Our first time experience was okay (not bad but not as good as I thought). The decor was nice though!

Here was what we tried:

- New York Classic (i.e., New York striploin) $33.75 (from the Keg Classic Dinners)

- 10 oz Peppercorn New York (i.e., New York striploin with black peppercorns and Keg's peppercorn sauce) $28.95

- Top Sirloin Classic $26

The Peppercorn NY was alright. But the Sirloin was very very chewy.

Pina Colada ($5.75) was good. At least I enjoyed their Billy Miner Pie ($6.25) very much.

Anyway, a good experience. But I won't rush to go back.

2008 Aug 23
We've been here a few times - convenient since it's so close to home. Overall, not too bad. Nice decor - a little dark inside in places but fine.
This place always seems to be busy, so be prepared to wait a bit for a table - we've had some luck moving out on the patio.
K isn't overly impressed with the hostesses - says they are dressed more for a night on the town and tend to not be that helpful. Servers have thusfar been great - attentive and fast.
Food is what you would expect from The Keg. I've tried a couple of the steaks and they were properly prepared. K has had the lobster (during the Summer Event) and the salmon and was satisfied overall. The spinach salad with the goat cheese is particularly good. Desserts are fine - nothing to scream about.
Overall, a comfortable stand-by when we can't decide where else to go.

2008 Jun 11
Went to The Keg - Hunt Club on a recent Sunday, we didn’t have a reservation but because it was still fairly early we thought we’d take the chance. Since it’s opening we haven’t had great luck with this location. They always are super busy, and tell us they won't take reservations on the weekend. Only later when we arrive we discover that their definition of reservations and ours are not quite the same thing… they won’t let you book in advance, but they will put your name on the wait list if you call ahead… never mind the people who are already on the premises waiting to give their name to that exact same hostess who is now on the phone putting someone who is miles away on the list ahead of you.

Anyhow, we’ve heard so much about the lovely décor that on this particular Sunday we decided to swim against the tide. (In the end, I didn't find the decor extraordinary, just somewhat different from the others in Ottawa).

When we arrived the Hostess told us there would be a 25 to 35 minute wait for a table. So we asked if we could wait in the bar… she said sure. So we put our name on the list and moved into the bar. The bartender was a nice chap. He took our drink order, and we asked him if it was possible to eat at the bar (backup plan incase 35 minutes came and went), he said sure, but he also told us we were free to sit wherever we wanted in the lounge area and be served dinner. Turns out the "lounge area" is a large expanse of a room that is centred around a large fireplace on one side and the bar on the opposite. Why the Hostess doesn't tell patrons about this option is a mystery to me... with their wierd Front Door Policy we've now nicknamed the Hunt Club location "Fort Knox"... it is like you need a secret code to get in the door!

Anyways, immediately, this great bartender pointed out to us a cozy table for two near the windows... and he transferred our drink order to our table, and got a server's attention. We were so impressed, that later when we left the restaurant we tipped the bartender a couple of bucks for being so professional (more than he would have got for a tip if we had paid our drink tab at the bar).

Our server was friendly and knowledgeable of the menu. After an explanation of the various mains, steaks and cuts of beef, we decided to go with the roast beef. While we waited for our mains, the server brought us the bread basket and ice water. "The Man" chose the Regular Cut (10 oz) while I chose the Smaller Cut (8 oz), both medium. The dinners came with a choice of potatoes (we chose baked) as well as frizzled onions and red wine herb au jus, and horseradish. We also ordered a side of steamed asparagus, which we shared. I had no complaints, the roast beef was done perfectly, and the sides were tasty! "The Man" said he should have chosen the Smaller Cut of Roast Beef (with the sides so much to eat). He loved the horseradish, very tangy!

"The Man" accompanied his meal with a Beer and I had a nice glass of California Zinfandel. We had no room left for dessert (but we did see the Apple Crumble, it looked delicious topped off with ice cream... but it was huge).

Overall a good experience, we are rarely disappointed with The Keg, consistency is what makes them great. I would consider going back again to "Fort Knox", but it is my experience that there is less hassle and a better welcome at their other other Ottawa (and Ontario) locations.