Foods from Subway

2014 Apr 5
Thanks very much Subway for your generous contribution to the Connaught Public School Stone Soup fundraiser!

2012 Nov 9
I used to be a 3 times a week a subway guy. I could not get enough of their meatball subs. Then, one day, they changed the meatball recipe. The texture and taste had changed. My meatball subbing days were over...

2012 Nov 8
see also our deep meaningful discussion in the Pizza Pizza thread.

2012 Nov 7
Saurian, please don't assume anything of the sort. This site is not snobby about fast food options -- we seek the gems regardless where they lie. :-)

2012 Nov 7
I assume that most fast food joint reviews are frowned upon on this site, but I just felt like announcing that Subway's new "Baja" sauce makes my mouth very happy.

A nice little kick of spice, and my tastebuds--albeit pedestrian--could swear there's actually some real avocado in there.

Just loaded up a sub of the day with the stuff and I can barely taste the Subway anymore. Sweet!

2009 Dec 29
what's the most awesomest thing you can sneak into a movie theater? a subway meatball sub for $5 bones cheap, on italian on 9 grain whole wheat with cheddar all the veggies, double tomato and double pickles with lite mayo and honey mustard. just ask jared!!!

2008 Apr 1
Dropped in here in a hurry the other week, as I was on my way out to the Elmdale for Blues Night.

Decided to have the 6 inch "Subway Melt". A hot sandwich with turkey, ham and bacon with cheese. Had it on whole wheat and added tomatoe, lettuce (not too much), cucumber and green olives, finished up with salt & pepper and ranch dressing.

Website says the basic sandwich (without the ranch dressing) weighs in at 254 grams, and equals 370 calories, 11 grams of fat. Lets just say I was in a meat-mood and not too worried about my fat intake (otherwise I would have chosen from the Subway Fresh Fit Menu = 8 sandwiches with under 6 grams of fat).

Oh well, it was fast, tasted good and was under $ 5.00, plus I can fool myself into thinking I made a "healthier" fast food choice. (Than I might have otherwise).

PS... Bonus to taking fast food to the Elmsdale, is you can wash it down with your favourite "organic" beverage. LOL



2007 Jul 6
I tried their new *Lobster Sandwich* and true to their marketing prowess it did contain real lobster meat in there....lots of claw meat...couldn't distinguish (if)any tail meat in there amongst other lobster meat...It's produced en masse so I doubt this is La Pointe's quality seafood.

Downsides: You get two little scoops of the lobster salad (it's held together with a little mayo I assume.) Lobster is such a delicate taste that it just gets hidden under everything else (I only had mine with cheese, lettuce and a bit more extra mayo) not to mention the bread.

Plus at $8.49 + tax--for a 6" it is one pricey little sandwich. Might be better if you try it as a wrap or salad.

I wouldn't try it again but judge for yourselves.