Foods from SomRuedee Steakhouse

2007 Dec 9
i just called their phone # and it is indeed out of service

somewhat inevitable considering the location. i don't know how all those restaurants survive on Preston...

2007 Dec 8
monty informs me that there is a FOR SALE sign in the window. Sorry to hear that because this sounded like a place worth trying when looking for steak!

2007 Apr 11's been a while since I've added my regular Friday night restaurant review. I can't remember all the details but will give the highlights as the visit here was well over a month ago.

First off, we arrived somewhere around 8:30 (typical dinner hour for us on Fridays) and the restaurant was less than half full. I was getting worried in a place where a meal should take somewhere in the space of 1.5-2.5 hours to dine.

The service by the way was top notch. Our waiter who appeared to be a career waiter (as they are in Italy, accomplished and experienced) knew just what level of friendly and quiet/reserved service to deliver. Top points to them for that.

The menu is pretty typical steak house with salads, mostly meat selections with a few other options for those that don't partake, and vegetables ordered separately. I always wonder why restaurants do this. I like a balance of meat and veg thank you very kindly.

I digress....I started with the salad. Although the greens were unbelievably fresh for winter, they were sparsely dressed. Not bad as the greens were tasty, just wish to balance them out with a little layering of flavours. I believe the others had the soup which if I remember correctly was quite tasty.

Now for the meat. We ordered a variety of cuts and all were to be done blue. As I've mentioned before, you can't hide a bad or cheap cut with this little cooking. Wow...were these some GOOD and deliciously flavoured hunks of moo. Mine was a rib, which I am used to getting around the 1-1 1/4" thick. I was a little leary when I was served one that was 1/2" thick. I guess that is how they measure the weight (I ordered the smaller of the two offered). I thought there was no way this steak could be this thin and truly done blue. But it was...and not cold inside either. The only way to do that is to start with a room temperature steak and a hot grill (but not so hot as to make it a Pittsburgh which is thoroughly charred). I was impressed, and I'm rarely impressed with restaurant steak. The flavour was excellent and extremely tender.

My three compatriots had the same response with their steaks.

The bill was similar to what we would pay at the Keg and the quality of ingredients was far superior. If the atmosphere was a little less 'traditional steak house', and a little more clean and updated, I would say this was the best steak house in town.