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2007 Jan 5
I've been here twice for dinner, both times in the summer on the patio. The atmosphere both inside and out are fab, but the food is hit and miss. I've heard people I know rave about their food but both times we were there, everyone in my party was disappointed with something. Either the chicken tasted like it had a salt shaker spill open on top of it, the steak was so encrusted with pepper corns that you were choking on them, or the pasta was swimming in oil. It was disappointing especially since our meal went for almost $100 each with wine. the desserts were good and the salad was pretty tasty though. The servers were mostly attentive (although not all) and the pre-dinner drinks were lip smacking.

I am willing to try it again if someone can offer up some other redeemable qualities that I have overlooked (the bathrooms are cool too). Otherwise my money is better spent elsewhere. Too bad because I love the ultra-modern decor and they play lounge music to match.

2006 Dec 11
Ate at Social last night with a friend. We had bought the "Dinner and Dance" package for the NAC. It was $100 (taxes in) for a 3 course meal at Social, plus tickets to the Nutcracker (balcony seats).

The price would be different of course based on the show/seats that you pick and there are also packages with Medithéo and Kinki which I think are also different prices.

Very cool idea and it was a great night!

Anyways - the meal was good. You had the choice between a braised lamb soup or a green salad with apples and shaved parmesan. We each got the opposite and shared. Both very good.

Our mains were the salmon and the chicken. Also both good. I had the salmon which was nice and crispy (how I like it), but the wild rice it was on was either not cooked enough or was overcooked and was really hard and crunchy.
(There were two other mains - a beef or a vegetarian portobello mushroom wellington).

Dessert was either a vanilla creme brule or a chocolate concoction. Again we each got one and shared. Both delicious.

They have a set menu for this promotion and the dinner is at 5:00pm and then you go straight over for the show which usually starts around 7:00.

2006 Nov 13

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2009 Jun 15
Strange: we were there over the weekend, and there was no sugar in my mojito. Still drinkable but, wow, bitter and minty. A couple of people nearby took theirs back up to the bar to get sugar added.

Don't know if this was the product of a different bartender, or if it just meant that I was really bad at getting my straw down past the minty layer.

2008 Dec 12
My new Mojito favorite can be found at Social. Although not cheap ( $11? ), the variation I tried was called a Cuban Mojito. It's alcoholic content is 8 year old dark rum, and Agostino bitters. Although not as strong as others I've had, the preparation was flawless, and the result a total joy to drink. The composition of the drink was maybe a tablespoon or two of sugar in the bottom of the glass (still granular), covered with maybe 1 inch worth (a lot) of mint leaves, and a lime slice. On top of that was maybe 3 inches of crushed ice. It would seem the rum and bitters was poured on top of this whole thing. What was neat about drinking it was that as you moved the straw, you could get different flavours. If you pushed the straw past the mint leaves to the bottom, you had a very sweet flavour.. lift the straw a bit, and very minty, and lift it a bit more and you hit the rum proper. If I were to give a complaint, it would only be that it was served with a straw that was too long. You could not drink from the glass on the table, without lifting your head higher. My solution was to um.. re-engineer the straw's length, much to the amusement of my wife.

2008 Jul 12
i agree -- the social's classic mojito was yummy and refreshing! i just had it.

2008 Feb 16
"Social's Classic Mojito" was delicious and refreshing. Lots of lime, mint, and crushed ice.

2013 Jan 20
Went for a party at Social, wasn't that hungry till I saw someone with a cheese plate with one cheese and a lot of stuff on it. So I got it and was not disappointed at all. For 8 bucks I got a small "Le Cendrillon" cheese plate with cranberry bread toasts, apple butter, grapes, spicy pecans and slices of pear and apple. Even though it was just one small piece of cheese, it took me a long time to slowly go through it all and I was enjoying every morsel. Everything on that dish was greatly pared and probably the one thing I will definitely order again if I'm back.

2014 Nov 3
This is certainly one of the best burgers in town. I enjoyed it on a Saturday during brunch service. I think it was $17, which included this wonderful bacon cheeseburger with pickled onions and a tasty sauce, delightfully potato-y salted crispy fries, and a nice assortment of dressed greens.

Huge thumbs up all around. Top notch platter!