Foods from Sala Thai


2012 Jun 20
Been here a few times for food. Definitely not anything to write home from a decor perspective, but the food has been tasty & solid when I did go. So far, the best Beef Penang I've come across in the city.

2009 Mar 2
Service was good and friendly, location is a bit creepy, but inside it's modest and welcoming. The food was below par for what I expected. In short the pad Thai and green curry chicken was too thick, too rich(in a bad way) and too salty.

The combination of slightly burnt broccoli and cauliflower to the over-sauced Pad Thai diminished the dish. As for the green curry, it had a thick dark sauce and you couldn't taste the coconut milk or basil in the dish, it seemed like it was all mixed in and left to cook for a few hours. A proper green curry should have freshly added leaves of basil, a fragrant aroma and a more liquid consistency, this one did not. Overall I would not go back, as there are far better Thai restaurants to go to. Needless to say I still had a wonderful evening afterwards. ;)

2007 Sep 14
Good food and great service. The only thing lacking is the atmosphere.

2007 Jun 17
A while back I made an endevor to try out the three Thai places in walking distace of my house to see which is the best. A quest in the name of SCIENCE. To keep things fair I went for the lunch special at each.

Sala Thai is a nice place. The decor is a little dark and claustrophobic, but the service is always prompt. The lemongrass tea is very nice and comes served in little elephant teapots, which I quite enjoy. You also get a bowl of mushroom soup with the lunch special, and while the soup is nothing spectacular, it is always nice and whets the appetite. It's also the cheapest of the three, with most specials being under the ten dollar mark and portion and quality not suffering. The food is good, though not particularily great, and I would say probably offers the best value of the three. I particularily enjoy the chicken and pineapple fried rice special, though I havn't tried them all.

2007 Jan 6
We've eaten here several times since we live nearby. Food quality has been a little uneven but in general good. We enjoy the Waterfall Beef.