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2011 Oct 14
Was going to try the Firking Flyer that just opened up but my wife wanted to give Riverside pub a try. The decor is getting a little worn,we were greeted by a pleasant server excited about their happy hour apps. Local beers sadly to say are not available so the closest was a Barking Squirrel that could have been a tad hoppier. The mood called for fish and chips. Nice sized portion of haddock and some fresh cut fries were decent. Fish was a bit on the greasy side probably due to being placed on top of the fries. Tarter sauce was pleasant with nice chunks of pickle to give it some extra zing. the special board had some interesting items should have tried the squash soup.

2011 Apr 29
Vegetable curry

2011 Apr 29
Visited the Riverside Pub earlier tonight. Wasn't really sure what to expect, but my expectations were more on the high side after reading a few reviews on the web. We were not disappointed! The place was bustling at around 7:30 - a lot of loud talking and laughter, so it was very inviting. As soon as we walked in, we felt a really good vice and by the time we left we felt is that this is our friendly neighbourhood pub.

It was really busy, the one waitress was almost running around taking orders on the fly, but you knew she knew what she was doing. We were happy to see Beau's on tap, and ordered a pitcher.

The menu featured standard pub fare, but with a few other original items and homemade pizza. I ordered the fish (haddock) 'n chips and the girlfriend ordered the vegetable curry.

At first, I was a bit worried about the size of the fish, but I quickly realized it wouldn't be a problem to finish because the batter was thin and crispy and the fish was perfect - it did not feel heavy at all. The fries were delicious and reminded me of chip stand fries. I've had a lot of fish 'n chips in my life and I can say this one was one of the best i've ever had. The homemade tartar sauce was so good, there was none left when I was done - it had real pieces of pickles, not relish like most places.

Neither of us had ever had curry in a pub before even though I realize it is pretty standard pub fare. What we got was a nice big bowl of grilled broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, sweet peppers served inside a deliciously rich curry sauce on top of rice. We ended up polishing the bowl clean of the curry sauce with the chips!

Finally, to cap it off, we ordered the home made mango citrus cheesecake "made by Noreen". It was very good and had a very nice lemony taste but didn't pick up much of the mango. Anyway, it was very tasty!

This pub is located in a strip mall in the shadow of the IBM building.. but in that shadow is a friendly neighbourhood pub that had great food and great beer!

2008 Jul 20
Friendliest bar in town. Bartenders are so very generous. 3 out of 7 times I've recieved a drink on the house. Its like cheers or coronation st.
food is okay too.