Foods from Pubwells Restaurant

2011 Mar 24
Stumbled into this place with the boyfriend because we had no food at home and we had been wandering around for a while in the cold looking for a take-out place, but they were either all closed (it was a Mon) or didn't take interac.

I have to say, I was suprrised. It looks like an old-man bar, but they have pretty darn good pizza. Thin crust, but still with a soft centre. I would definitely recommend it. Also got a chicken wrap with fries, which was fine. I have yet to be blown away or dissapointed by a chicken wrap with fries. But the Pizza was undeniably very tasty and fresh. Decent price on Pint-cans of German beers. Kind of slow service.

2008 Mar 19
Pubwells has great pizza. It is made to order for you, and its worth the wait!


2008 Mar 19
For sure you can't go wrong for the price. I always upgrade to a custom coffee beverage(espresso, cappuccino or latte) as the coffee is a little maxwell house for my liking.

2006 Nov 25
Farm-fresh eggs!

For the basic, cheap breakfast special, this place is hard to beat.