Foods from Big Daddy's Crab Shack


2012 Sep 26
One of my favourite restaurants in Ottawa!

I have never been disappointed about dining here for lunch or dinner. Service is always friendly and the food is always fresh and tasty.

There aren't too many menu items that I haven't tried over the years, but my favourites are...

* Seafood fondue - absolutely amazing with just the perfect combination of fresh seafood, wonderful alfredo sauce and cheese
* Smoked salmon crostini - in a word "delicious"
* Oysters - served fresh with nice array of sauces if you wish
* Molten goat cheese - can't get enough of this one
* Coconut shrimp - nice big plump servings of shrimp perfectly seasoned

* Shellfish boil - If you love seafood this is a must have. Be prepared to work a little for your meal.
* Anything that is made with their cream creole sauce ie seafood fettuccine - leave your calorie counters at home.
* Shrimp etouffee - nicely seasoned rice with a plentiful amount of shrimp

The only thing missing from their menu is a good dessert but usually there is very little room left unless ordering their pastas, which are small portion-wise (even when you order extra) so this is a blessing in disguise. With this in mind...order the 2 course prix fixe for dinner and have your dessert elsewhere or order an aperitif.

Hard to find a reliable place that provides good service with great food but thankfully this restaurant has been around a long-time (20+ yrs ?), which says something in this day and age.

2011 Feb 9
Some good points in both camps, but honestly, don't have a cow. If the food is as good as you say, then a little hiccup like this (whether or not it was your fault or theirs) is actually childish. If I can’t get a reservation at my favorite restaurant I say “aw well, next time. Where else can I go?”.

I'm sure Big Daddy’s will survive without your business anyway.


2011 Feb 9
How do I know, because that is when I usually book my appointments with them and they usually always call me back and I usually always have my reservation.

2011 Feb 9
They're not very big & they are very popular so I could certainly see them being full for Saturday by Thursday but in fairness Big Daddy's could have at least called back.
I don't know the entire situation but they have no one tending to the phone or checking messages?

Just a a point FF, there are a number of reviews about places that have nothing to do with the food & those still remain, this person feels slighted & your site is about the whole package is it not?

A great deal of places have now installed a online reserve site so that this type of thing doesn't happen & the customer can see right away the availability.

It would be a shame for them to lose a customer over a misunderstanding.

2011 Feb 8
Roger Ramjet FF ..just what I was thinking. Very narrow view of making a Reservation on a Saturday morning and expecting a return email or call. Its a very busy place. Plan ahead next time and don't wait to the last minute and blame Big Daddy's for your mistake. And again .. your mistake and NOT Big Daddy's

Proton Pill time !!


2011 Feb 8
"They were not booked up at 8:00 A.M."

Please tell us how you know that to be true.

I'm thinking of removing all these recent comments as they have nothing to do with food and appear to be based on a misunderstanding. That's why I'm asking for clarification now. :)

2011 Feb 7
Thanks for your thoughts, but you both seem to miss the point that I first sent emails in the early A.M. They were not booked up at 8:00 A.M., that should have placed me 1st, 2nd, the website advises to call and make a verbal reservation, I attempted that repeatedly. Their answering machine was turned off. It was turned on at about 2:30 P.M. Lastly,I have been dining at Big Daddy's since it opened, love the food especially the coconut shrimp and creole's. Big Daddy's has always done well, principally because of long standing and loyal customers such as myself. In this regard the staff simply dropped the ball. It is what it is. I was upset and I am still upset. I will however have the oysters I wanted. I ordered a case of extra large Malpeqs from Jost Kaufman. They should arrive tomorrow by air from the east coast. I would have preferred however to eat them at Dig Daddy's.

2011 Feb 6
Calling any popular restaurant in Ottawa on a Saturday for same day reservations is a risky proposition. I don't think Big Daddy's can fairly be blamed for ruining your day.

2011 Feb 5
Wow. A restaurant wasn't open for you to make a reservation and you're upset because they were already full? Upset enough to create negative feedback? I understand that you're disappointed, but this isn't really their fault.

It's a shame you didn't get to go because the food is really quite good. Try again sometime. If you aren't going to go back because of some petty scheduling squabble, you're the one missing out. Apparently they're doing quite well without your business.

Sorry, but I think you're in the wrong here. Respectfully.

2011 Feb 5
A huge let down. They ruined my wife’s, children’s and my evening. I emailed them in the morning about a reservation, I called them countless times. They open at 4:30 P.M. on Saturday. That in its own right is annoying, mid afternoon an answering machine pops into existence, I leave a message asking that someone confirm my reservation. I receive a call at 4:50 P.M. telling me that they are all booked up. Poor administration, poor service, poor follow-up. If they had things under control, I would be happily spending money in their establishment right now as I have at both Ottawa locations from the time that Val opened them. Hmmm, this never would have happened if Val still owned them, God rest his soul. Instead, I am upset angry and I probably will never darken their doors again.