Foods from Prime 360

2012 Jan 13
Went here for a business lunch this week. Gotta say that if you're going to open a steak place, the ONE thing you shouldn't get wrong is seasoning the steak and how long it's cooked for.

Buddy ordered rare... medium rare. I had medium rare.... decidedly medium. Both underseasoned, which is a shame.

For the price, putting it in Hy's territory, it was disappointing.

2011 Aug 21
Was here a couple days ago for a group get together (I clearly did not organize!). The service was spot-on but the food was of mixed quality. I had a NY Strip with a lobster tail ($45) which was served with garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus.

The lobster was good; the steak was nice and thick -- ordered rare and cooked to order. So far so good. However, the sides were not so good. The potatoes were cold and bland and the asparagus was undercooked. I understand that with groups it can be hard for kitchens to have everything ready to go at the right time, but I feel like there are ways around that... especially when the (very large) restaurant is nearly empty. I'd hate to see what the food's like when they get busy. (I can't comment on how they deal with complaints as it wasn't a big enough deal that I wanted to be 'that guy' in the group but given the prices, this shouldn't really be an issue).

Overall, a disappointing experience, especially given the high price. I've had much nicer meals at much cheaper, less fancy restaurants. I agree with previous comments that this is really for the 'expense account crowd'. Meal total with 2 drinks was $80 with tax and tip included. Go elsewhere.

2009 Apr 2
I've been there with my family this winter. It was my fist time and I was kind of impressed. But I don't go often to upscale restaurants so I can't compare it with anything else. My family all loved their food; The steak were cooked to perfection.

I had the beef carpaccio and it was good, could of used a bit more love. The pommagranite glazed veal was awsome and the vedge were nice.

Overall the service was a bit slow but very good. I will go back.

2009 Jan 11
I've eaten here three times usually the norm to see if a place is consistent. It isn't. The first time it was the best steak I've ever had. Second time it was ok and the third it was below average. Their lack of apps for non seafood eating people is disappointing. The price is average for a good steak house but that's the problem it's not the greatest. Big Easy's Seafood Grill in my opinion serves the best steak so far in Ottawa. I have not eaten at Hy's yet but I hear they have gone downhill.

2007 Jun 14
Have to say that it had the best rib steak I have ever had in Ottawa, nicely marbled; or for that matter anywhere else, including Alberta, where I think they have the best T-bones in the world.

My friend had a nice sirloin as well, but she had dessert! Mistake, it translated to a muffin with cream sauce, thin sauce at that as well… I think I read somewhere, ‘don’t go for the dessert, but their steaks are great…’. I liked them better than Hy’s etc…. for value though, Nate’s had a decent rib steak and a whole lot cheaper….

As if they cared anyways, lots of clientele on a week night… mostly business suits.

Would I go back…if on a business expense and eating steak only... in fact only the rib steak…?

2007 May 9
We took a from out of town friend there, having bought into the tv commercials that were showing at the time. I think it suffices to say that we'll never go back -- there are much better steaks available in town for less money in places with better ambiance and better service.

Honestly, we would have been much, much better off going to the Keg, nevermind someplace like Hy's.

2012 Feb 20
Highly recommend the Saturday buffet here ($13.95 for adults and $7.95 for children).

Large selection of all-you-can-eat:
- scrambled eggs, homefries, ham, bacon, sausage, pancakes, French toast
- fruit salad, other sliced fruits (strawberries, grapefruits, oranges, etc), yogurt
- muffins, banana bread, cinnamon buns
- assortment of cheeses
- selection of cereals
- juice and toast are included

There is a price increase on Sunday however, I would be hard pressed to imagine what they could add for a higher price.

2007 Sep 13
Really nice brunch. Have been twice and will return again.