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May 5
Have been eating very healthy lately and was really craving some greasy cheesy pizza on my cheat day and ended up at the greasiest place in the business. They have a nifty ordering system that allows you to pay online and pick up from the store. Pizza hut is the only place I've ever had pizza before that has a crust coated in oil and it is so unhealthy but so delicious. This pizza was 10$ for a medium plus I think a dollar for the added banana peppers. I ate four slices and was reminded why I haven't eaten their pizza in almost 10 years. I don't think the pleasure is worth the pain.

2013 Nov 14
Ordered full meal at 5:30, told it would be 45 minutes. At 6:10 they call to say that they don't deliver to our neighborhood, despite the fact that they have done so many times. Juan, the Manager is very rude and hangs up on us twice! After 3 weeks dealing with District Manager, Omar, they tell me we can get the order we had placed, free of charge. All we have to do is call to place the order and PICK IT UP! I told them that I was not happy with that, as I should get an apology from Juan at the very least. No apology was offered. I will never eat at this Pizza Hut again, and I recommend that you do not either!!

2012 Sep 27
Pizza Hut, with its grease-bomb pizzas, is my guilty pleasure. The location nearest to me - Montreal Road by Montfort - is extremely fast, and now with their walk in $6.99 medium one topping special, cheap as well.

2010 Aug 4
Stopped in for the 8.99$ lunch buffet at Pizza Hut on Industrial & St-Laurent Blvd.
I haven't had a Pizza Hut buffet in 5+ years.. I remembered why!
All the food was dry, cold, bland and mediocre at best.I would not return.
The food was cold and didn't taste very fresh.

The salad consisted of iceberg lettuce with shredded cabbage on top.
The breadsticks were dry and cold.
The pasta must have been sitting there all day long, and the sauce on it tasted like they took noodles and mixed them in marinara sauce.
The pizza was only lightly cooked..

I wanted to order a glass of house wine on the menu and they lost their liquor license the waitress told me.

I settled for a coffee, they didn't have any sweetner.

2009 Jan 19
Being mad at most pizza places in Ottawa for overpowering sauce and mystery meat supposed to resemble pepperoni. I like Pizza Hut pan pizza Cheese Lovers with real pepperoni and green olives over most others.

2008 Apr 18
I can't help it. This is my favourite pizza to bring home on a Friday night and eat with a bottle of Yellow Tail Shiraz-Grenache in front of a movie.

It's so crispy and greasy, I love it.



2013 Nov 16
I don't eat Pizza Hut very often, but when I do it's via the incredibly priced (still ~$6.95) lunch buffet.

* Lettuce with croutons and assorted dressings
* Breadsticks with marinara sauce
* Assorted pizzas (4-5 kinds)
* Baked cheesy pasta in tomato saucee
* Dessert pizza
* Cinnaparts

I had my semi-annual fix at the Hazeldean (Kanata) location this past week. :-)

2010 Jul 31
I've been, greasy.. oh so greasy. Salad bar is reasonable, and the place gets very busy. But for the price its well worth it. Just don't expect to be on top of your game after lunch.. the grease goes straight to your head.

-Ravi Shanghavi, Ottawa

2006 Sep 9
Sure it's bad for you, but at $6.99 it's one of the best deals around!



2008 Dec 29

Maybe it was divine intervention.

2008 Dec 28
Forgive the "panning" (har har har)...

We decided to give the Merivale location another go tonight, but after 2 hours and no pizza (not embellishing) I called to inquire. I explained my situation and was placed on hold. After 15 minutes had passed on the line (again, not embellishing!) I hung up and tried again. Sure enough, the same employee answered so I repeated the story..."may I place you on hold again?"...I happily obliged, but was promptly disconnected!

Fearing they had overlooked the order completely, I just called back and asked to cancel. An hour later I received a call from the manager asking if we'd still like our pizza (?!)

Sadly, this isn't the first time this specific location has let us down in terms of service and pizza product.

Fresh Foodie I know your mandate of this site is "places to find good food, not bad food" - but the Merivale location doesn't measure up to franchise standards. Enough, I say!

2008 Dec 24
Agreed. If it can break the unflappable FreshFoodie, then it is not safe for man, nor beast!

2008 Dec 23
Pizza Mia things aside, has Pizza Hut changed their "regular" (pan?) pizza recipe in the last few years? I had it for the first time in ages and it was nothing like I remember it - specifically the crust and dough which lacked the crisp, fluffy, and greasy characteristics I was used to. Is this just the Merivale location?

2008 Dec 23
Wow ... I too don't remember FF ever dissing anything, anyone, anytime.

Looks like even the ultimate diplomat has his breaking point.

I think Pizza Hut came out with Pizza Mia in direct response to Domino's 5 5 5 or 6 6 6 buck pizza deal. Three medium 1 topping pizza's for 5 or 6 bucks (depending on the local market) each.

I guess ya get what ya pay for.

I wonder if it is worth the bother to get the deal and add a few more ingredients including some cheese, then finish them off in your own oven ?

Probably NOT !!

2008 Dec 23
haha... yeah I stalked over to the computer while still chewing the stuff to post that comment! And wifey is still glaring at me for deciding to try this deal out.

2008 Dec 23
OK, who cracked the site and got Fresh Foodie's password? Wow!

2008 Dec 23
Warning to all: avoid the current "Pizza Mia" deal.

3 medium 1-topping pizze for $6 a piece sounds like a good deal. But this was possibly the worst pizza we've ever had. Worse than East Side Mario's kids' meal pizza. Worse than any frozen pizza I can remember having. The crust was dry, way too sweet, and tasted like it was made from a mix. The single toppings were scant and dried out. Tomato sauce and cheese were almost non-existent.

If you're tempted to try this deal please get yourself 3 frozen pizze instead, then take the money you save and split it between yourself and your favourite charity. You'll eat better, feel better, and still save a few bucks. :-)

I won't stop having the good old Pizza Hut deep dish pan pizza but my Pizza Mia experience has made me a little wary of trying anything new from the hut.

2006 Dec 6
Do _any_ Cdn Pizza Huts carry the "Big New Yorker" pizza? That was cheap and greasy and great when I was in the States -- or at least when in California, where "pizza" gets pretty bizarre.

If no: where to go for similar pie?

ETA: Had Pizza Hut pizza the other night. On the bland side. Generous toppings on "The Edge" pizza, but stingy cheese, and an overly processed feel to the crust.

2006 Sep 9
Once in a while the fried crust goodness of a deep dish pan pizza hits the spot. The "four for four" thing is quite good too.


2009 Apr 30
Just got take-out Panormous pizza. Two square pan pizzas in a box. I added one ingredient extra at a cost of $4. Essentially it's a bit bigger than an average large pizza. Total cost for pep olive on one and sausage mushroom on the other $21.65 reasonable. Classic Pizza Hut pan pizza with that chewy fluffy oily crust yummmm! They haven't got the crispy burnt cheese edge thing yet that other American chains have but at least the toppings were on top of the cheese. Nerver got why in Ottawa they put pepperoni under the cheese to get soggy instead of crispy. All in all I would order it again.