Foods from Pilos

2010 Dec 8
Stopped in and had the lunch special.
Huge portions..
The starter bread was delicious, hot and fresh
amesome tomato and feta salad, rice, and chicken.
Really good price. Decent greek white wine.

2010 Sep 13
If you are on Montreal Rd, in the East end, and looking for really good authentic Greek food, try Pilos restaurant. It's a great place for family get togethers. Quiet, cosy and original decor, this place just makes you feel like you are having dinner at your inlaws.
The staff are really friendly and the food is amazing, it tastes like what Greek food should taste like!

The portions of course are typically giant plates and the prices are good for what you get.

I hope you get a chance to eat here.

...mmm.. I am hungry now :S

2007 Dec 17
I've been a big fan of Pilos for years and moreso since I visited Greece earlier this year. This is the closest I've come to feeling like I'm back in Greece - the service is awesome, the food is wonderful and the ambiance is great. It's not super-fancy, but it's affordable and more authentic Greek than Greek fusion. It's normally packed on Fridays and Saturdays.

Normally when I go I order the souvlaki plate, but this last visit I decided to change it up. The SO and I ordered Saganaki, I ordered vegetarian Moussaka and were given complementary baklava after the server accidentally poured water into the last bit of my Mythos beer.

Even though I live downtown now, I always like to make a trip out to Pilos.


2007 Dec 17
The Saganaki was great - the flambé was done on the spot. The cheese was a little tough around the edges, but wonderfully melted in the middle. There was no tomato sauce, but it was still tasty.


2007 Dec 17
It was a bit dry, but oh so tasty.




2007 Dec 17
I love the dolmades from Pilos. The rice/meat mixture is perfect, the grape leaf wrapping is done right so they don't fall apart on you.


2008 Mar 31
The calamari is quite exceptional. Not too battered and fried. Served with lemon and a very fresh, garlicy tzatziki.