Peace Garden
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2017 Mar 25
The lunch special this past Tuesday was Pad Thai with marinated tofu (around $11). Adorned with fresh basil, raw beansprouts, and a carefully cut wedge of lime, this light dish featured rice noodles in a shallow pool of mild coconut curry. While I prefer any crunchiness in my noodles to come from wok contact rather than microwave reheating, I would still call this dish a success. The firm and flavourful soy sauce tofu was especially delicious. A fellow diner didn't like the tofu and was offered soup as compensation. Friendly service indeed!

Worth noting is that this tiny restaurant is located in a bright indoor courtyard. It feels like you're in a delightful backyard greenhouse on a perfectly comfortable day, only without insects!

2011 Mar 28
went for lunch here on sunday. we had 2 specials, the indian platter and the west indies roti platter. i will only speak on my roti platter. it was a large, folded over roti (i'm used to the tightly rolled ones). the filling was mildly spiced with lentils, potatoes, sweet potatoes and i'm not sure what else. it was really tasty. there was a large side salad, very fresh, but no dressing and a banana fritter, which was a lightly cooked banana wrapped in a spring roll wrapper. the special was $8.95. i was happy with it, the amount of food was good. i like things spicy, so i needed some hot sauce to liven it up. it is a nice little spot inside the building, a fountain which my son had fun running around, and the food was fresh.

this restaurant follows the teachings of sir chimoy, similar to satisfaction-perfection-promise a few blocks away.

my son was in a very picky mood, so they made him a grilled cheese, which was very nice on lovely seeded bread. they didn't have this on the menu, so just put it together for him.

i'll go back and try some of the other options, since it is a nice little sanctuary in the busy market.