Foods from Parti Pizza


2010 Mar 5
Pretty fantastic pizza, if you like a thick, cheesy crust and a LOT of toppings. Do not, I repeat, do NOT order double cheese; even at a single topping amount, it strings a good foot and a half, and we have been known to lose entire slice toppings due to the heft of anything more than 3 toppings max. The cheese is a pretty neutral topping in terms of flavour, but there is a LOT of it.

Interesting topping combinations and options, like corn and artichoke hearts. If you order their sausage, it's more like REAL pepperoni, instead of the giant disks you would get normally. The sauce is nothing special; where this pizza truly shines is in it's crust and it's toppings.

My husband and I ordered a pie tonight; pretty standard in terms of the menu options aside from pizza, so we stuck with a wings/pizza combo and it took about 30-40 minutes to arrive (but it was still warm).

The chicken wings are a decent size, but the sauce is a little's definitely a BBQ sauce mixed with hot sauce, so when you order a "medium", you aren't just getting Frank's on it. The wings also come with carrot sticks and a sour cream, which is completely useless but very cute.

Definitely my favourite pizza joint in the west end.