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Australian themed American chain.

Foods from Outback Steakhouse

2009 May 8
My first experience with an Outback was in Ocean City, MD. We were passing through and hoping for something to eat that was not fast food and hideously overpriced given the horrible touristy nature of Ocean City, and the only thing we found was an Outback. I skeptically tried them, ordering the burger, which was served medium rare and was actually one of the best burgers I've had!

Since that day, I've been to Outback a couple times in Ontario in the hopes of recapturing the magic of that burger. Each time, though, despite my requests, I've been served a flavourless hockey puck of disappointing, grey, well done beef.

So good riddance to them in Ontario, but here's hoping that if I get a chance to visit them again in the US that I'll be able to relive that beautiful burger experience.

I'm so tired of well-done burgers. *grumbles*

2009 Mar 23
I have been to The Outback exactly twice... and neither time was a great experience... memorable YES, great NO!

First visit was shortly after they opened at Pinecrest. I remember finding it expensive for the food value (guess I wasn't impressed by the food).

Second visit, was on a date. I remember that the food was not very good... but it was better than my dining companion (as you can tell I wasn't impressed by the date).

2009 Mar 23
Never been to an Outback either - but in related news the Blooming Onion in the Byward Market is also slated to vacate!

So who's stepping up the fill the blooming onion void in the city of Ottawa? lol

2009 Mar 23
Good riddance! And I've never even been there!

2009 Mar 23
Outback completely pulls out of Ontario, closing all locations effective today March 23rd.