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Foods from Oh Basil


2011 Dec 31
In a neighbourhood with very few restaurants that could even remotely be considered upscale, this family owned one is a gem. The food is made fresh and delicious. The Pho is delicious. The Pad Thai is pretty good. But the real gem are the fusion rolls. Delicious and filling. Those two are great as a lunch.

2011 Sep 5
I go to Oh Basil regularly, usually for lunch, and enjoy it every time. The service is always very friendly and efficient and the food is always good. I do recall going there probably 5 years ago and the service was brutal so I didn't go back, but on the recommendation of a friend I went back a year ago and have been going regularly ever since. I've gone with several different people on different occasions and they have always enjoyed it too.

It's truely a gem in the rough found in a strip of fast food places across the parking lot from Elmvale mall. I appreciate the decent decor, the speed of service, and the reasonable prices, but the draw for sure is the flavourful food.

The panang curry (or any curry) is really good, served in a bowl with the meat (chicken, beef, lamb or seafood), mixed vegetable and wonderful curry sauce with a separate plate of rice. My latest favourite there is the spicy lemongrass lamb that has a beautiful flavour with a bit of red pepper for bite. The Pad Thai is very good as is the Oh Basil noodle (quite garlicy, so be warned!), and the Satay with Chicken and Shrimp is very tasty too. I haven't tried the Pho (I have my favorite places for that), but my friend enjoyed hers.

There are fancier (and more hole-in-the-wall) Thai places in town that are as good or with more character, but this one strikes a good balance and has been pleasantly reliable for me.

2011 Jan 8
The bill was 30 dollars for maybe 8 dollars worth of food. The service was slow and weird ie the waiter walked around for 5 minutes with your springrolls in his hand. Will definatly NOT be back. Ever.

2007 Jan 11
I agree with fossettes. I have eaten at the Elmvale location of Oh Basil probably about 15 times now.
The food is always fresh and plentiful and they take care with the presentation. They always seem to be adding new items to the menu which is nice as it adds variety.
They have a separate whole section of the menu just for vegetarian items.
The decor is a step above what you usually get in these types of restaurants and it is very clean.
We have always had friendly and attentive service.
We are lucky to live a 5 minute walk from this place so we can pop over whenever the craving hits us. There are always empty tables so we are always seated right away.
They seem to do a brisk business on take-out which I hope will help to keep them in business because I have never seen the restaurant full.

2007 Jan 11
I used to have lunch all the time at the "St. Laurent" location (it's actually in Elmvale Mall). I found the service to be exceptional and the food, consistent.

I'm by no means an expert on Asian cuisine, because of an allergy to seafood and an intolerance to fish. I really enjoy Oh Basil because the food is always fresh, and the friendly staff are always happy to accommodate my request for no fish sauce with tasty alternatives.