Foods from O'Connor's Irish Pub


2010 Oct 17
WORST RESTAURANT EVER... the owner actually is the most pretentious irish dwarf I have ever met. He was rude, impatient, and I witnessed him screaming at the staff the entire night. The food was rubbish and tasted frozen. To say the least I will never ever return. NEVER GO HERE.

2009 Jul 13
After an all day shed raising, I took a few hungry guys to OCP for a late meal. Having been here before during lunch, I had very low expectations, but OCP met the criteria of "in the west end", "has beer", "has a patio", and "can get dinner at 10:30".

The food was food. Nothing remarkable. The beer was cold, that was good. The service was excellent and attentive.

The only really off-putting experience was that we were forced to pay cover ($4) even though we were clearly there to eat and drink, and certainly not there to listen to the awful band (remaining nameless) or mingle with the 19 year old Kanata crowd.

Funny... when questioned about paying cover to eat dinner, the door staff remarked, "they are a really good band, you should hear them play Journey". Wow. I guess I do look my age. On the plus side, their Journey covers were actually decent. Ozzie and Van Halen... epic fail.