Foods from Nico's


2009 Jul 27
I used to work downtown and one of the lunch spots I miss the most is Nico's. The lasagna is legendary. It's not subtle by any stretch but if you like lots of cheese with your pasta then this is for you.

I'm surprised with Katie's comment about the garlic bread because I always wish I could have two pieces. It's strong so I guess you have to like that.

Finally, what makes Nico's such a great lunch spot on top of all that are the prices. The pasta/salad/garlic bread/pop deal was around $6.50 taxes in last time I was there in February.

I've been a fan of this place for a long time.

2009 Jul 27
I don't understand why there is always a line at lunch... The pasta here is SO BAD!

Soggy, over-done noodles, lame sauces... The "creamy pesto" sauce seems to be some sort of powdered (?) "cream" sauce with dried parsley in it... Just all around lousy.

The garlic bread is SUPER nasty.

I know it's just a food court place, but making simple, decent pasta is so easy- why doesn't Nico's make a tiny bit of an effort?