Foods from Mezzanotte


2012 Oct 12
We wanted to stop by a couple of times this summer, but turned away when we realized that they had enclosed the patio.

The bread dip and Alize cocktails are to die for!

2012 Aug 10
Mezzanotte used to be one of our family’s favourite Italian restaurants in the city. This is no longer the case and we will likely never go back. It used to serve traditional Italian cuisine, with rich sauces, big portions, and great flavours. The atmosphere was cozy and the service was exceptional. Our last visit was in the spring and the restaurant has completely changed, it seems like the owner passed the restaurant along to his son and he has turned it more into a nightclub where food is not a major concern. Service was terrible, we were never checked on throughout the night, not knowledgeable when we asked about a menu item, and did not do basic things such as serving ladies first. The food was even worse, mussels were inedible as they were not cleaned properly and very gritty. The server saw that only about 3 were eaten but did not ask if anything was wrong. All the portions were small for our mains and we all agreed the sauces were lacking flavor. Worst part of the evening was when we were talking to the “manager” at the end of the night and told him that things were not like they used to be and that quality seemed to have decrease. His response was that it wasn’t important how great the food or service was because they are always packed so they “must be doing something right”. Really?? It’s one thing to think that, but to actually say that to a customer who just paid $400 for a dinner for 3. I’d say it’s their loss that we will not be returning but as mentioned above they don’t really care about customer opinions.

2012 Jul 9
Went last night for date night with my fiance. The place lookws nice, but everything was just so-so. We ordered the house red and the escargot to start. The wine was good, but the escargot fell flat. We orderered the tortellini della luca and the agnolotti gorgonzola. The pasta seemed undercooked to me, and just underwhelming in general. Nice ambiance, but at those prices I prefer La Porto A Casa, or even some of the pasta dishes at Milestones.

2012 Jun 9
Stopped by for lunch today and had one of their pizzas. Not terrible, but nothing special either. Go to Tennesy Willems in Hintonburg instead. Their pastas remain quite decent, however.

2010 Aug 21
Was here for dinner last night, and found it to be exceptional.

What a hidden gem! I have often passed by its unassuming exterior and never thought to go in until a friend suggested coming here for dinner.
Very classy interior, with beautiful artwork, white leather couches and stylish accents throughout. Good amount of space between tables to afford privacy and a more intimate feel.

Service was attentive and professional. The bread was crusty and hot and came with a complementary dip of sundried tomato spices. The seafood pasta dish I ordered featured cheese tortellini and a generous helping of mussels, baby clams, shrimp and crab. Excellent taste and consistency throughout.

Well-mixed martinis and a light tiramisu made in-house by the chef rounded out my first memorable meal in Ottawa in a long time. I will be coming back!

2010 Jun 23
Have to comment that the pasta is incredibly oily, as in a quarter cup of oil left over.

2010 Jun 22
Great service and great food. Highly recommended. The gnocchi is fantastic!

2010 Jun 17
still love this place especially after the renos!!

2009 Jun 3
This is a regular place for me and my friends...the food is excellent and the staff very attentive. The owner is usually there greeting at the door with a smile. Definately reccomend this place!

2009 May 31
I have been to this place many many times. the service is great and so is the food. I highly recomend this restaurant