222 Lyon Tapas Bar
222 Lyon Tapas Bar
222 Lyon Tapas Bar
222 Lyon Tapas Bar
222 Lyon Tapas Bar
222 Lyon Tapas Bar
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2011 Jul 11
I went back to my old date spot this weekend with my groupon. I stopped going for a while as I started making Tapas at home. It started as a date night with my husband, but two of our good friends were having dinner there as well. They were nice enough to accommodate us, but were a little bit pushy about making sure we were all out by a certain time to accommodate their other reservations. I didn't mind this so much, but when they offered us coffee and dessert, and when we ordered, they looked pained and reminded us of the time again. Hard to relax and enjoy their amazing desserts when you're checking your watch.

Other than that, the food was amazing, as always. It had been a year since I've been there and the menu has expanded a bit so we made sure to try all of the new things on the menu we hadn't tried before - from memory the shrimp mona lisa, spicy mussels were the top of the night. We also ordered the day's scallops, which were in a fennel cream sauce. I am usually not a fan of scallops as they've always been rubbery.. these were tender and delicious!

We had 8 dishes, 4 beers, 1/2 litre of wine, 3 desserts and 4 coffees and it didn't break the bank. I love Tapa's bar!

2011 Apr 3
We also used a groupon tonight, with a reservation, and were delighted with this place. Our friends live around the corner and have been recommending it for a while, so we have been wanting to try it.
Definitely cozy, so reservations recommended, but it looked like it was actually more fun to sit at the bar. All the servers were friendly and knowledgeable and kept checking back to make sure we were pleased with our selections. There was a mussel dish of the day tonight that was our favorite. Plump tender mussels in a pear, leek and blue cheese cream sauce. So delicious! As has been reported here, the calamari was also a good choice, properly cooked, crispy without being greasy with a lovely dipping sauce. The server suggested a shrimp dish with mushrooms and chorizo. Chorizo was spicy and firm without being tough and the shrimp were tender. The sauce that remained was really nice when we soaked it up with the bread provided. We also had the croquette of the day which was chicken. Although there was nothing wrong with it, it was not my favorite. Sangria was best I have tasted. and for the four tapas plates and 2 sangria total including tip was about $75. There was more than enough food, and I think we might hold to three tapas next time. Will definitely return, and soon.

2011 Apr 1
Last night my girlfriend and I took advantage of the Groupon offer and went to 222 Lyon Tapas bar. 20 bucks for 40 was a great deal, and we had a nice experience at 222 Lyon.

My first impression was that the place is really small, and pretty cramped. We had made a reservation (and Iím glad we did seeing as though the place was totally full). My evening was not amazing, and there are a few points that the restaurant can improve upon (very minor qualms that I wonít mention here), but for the most part, I had a satisfying dinner. On top of that, the party that was sitting next to us was Spanish! So this only helps solidify the Ďauthenticityí of this place. (Itís been years since I have been to Spain, so I canít comment on how authentic this place is).

To start, I ordered a Steam Whistle, and Amanda ordered a Sangaria. Echoing the sentiments below, 10 dollar sangaria!!!!! Wooooah, slightly crazy. Considering the fact that I think Sangaria pollutes good wine, I canít comment on how Ďtastyí it was. Amanda on the other hand, said that it is the best Sangaria she has ever tasted.

The portion sizes are pretty large at 222 Lyon. The waitress told us that 2 tapas are about the size of one main course (at a comparable restaurant). We ordered three tapas and we found that it was more than enough. If you order 4 tapas for 2 people, you will bring some food home. Similarly, they give you as much bread as you would like, so, trust me you can be full with even 2 tapas per table of 2 people.

Our order consisted of: Spicy Mussels, Calamari and Chorizo. These were all about 11 dollars each. The Calamari and Chorizo came out first. The Calamari was very good! Not chewy, nice and soft, and most certainly not a frozen product. The sauce was a chipotle(type) mayonnaise. No complaints.

2011 Apr 1
Although sea food is arguably a defining characteristic of Spanish cuisine - or at least the watered down Spanish cuisine I am familiar with - we wanted to order something quintessentially Spanish, so we ordered the Chorizo. This dish was good (donít get me wrong), but I wouldnít recommend it. Itís just a cut up and cooked Chorizo (almost like a Salami or Soprasata). The sausage was good, but itís not something I would pay 11 dollars for at a restaurant. Lesson learned but no hard feelings.

After a while we realized that our mussels had not yet come to the table. At this point we had pretty much finished the other dishes. The kitchen had read my mind and the second we were finished, the mussels arrived. This clearly demonstrates the high level of communication the servers must have with the kitchen. Also, I like that they operate this way, so that that food doesnít get cold (if it all comes out at the same time).

2011 Apr 1
The mussels were my favourite dish last night. They were quite plump, and there was a decent amount on our plate. The sauce was white wine based, with cream, garlic and quite a bit of heat. Not the best quantity/price ratio, however they were high quality and really delicious!

3 Tapas, 1 expensive Sangaria, and a Steamwhistle came to $54 plus tip. Minus ($20 for the price of the groupon) + 8 for the tip = $42 for a really nice evening.

This is my second time using groupon (the first being Todrics) and although the deal is pretty good, it is not 50% off as is advertised. When you include the tip and taxes, it is closer to 30% off. I donít know about you, but that is still a sweet deal, just a word of caution.

Will I come to 222 Lyon again? Probably, but itís not high on my list of favourite restaurants. I find that it is a bit on the expensive side for what you get, but it is trendy so I guess they can get away with it. I would gladly come again if I had another groupon, but if I donít, I will not Ďchooseí this place again. If a group of people I know are going to 222 Lyon, I would be very happy to join.

My overall experience was good, but not good enough for me to rave about.

2010 Aug 30
Yup. But to be fair, I believe their sangria includes Triple Sec and a few other liqueurs, so it's a bit stronger than the typical wine-and-juice sangria you would find at Fox & Feather, for example.

2010 Aug 27
Sangria was $9/glass? Wowzers...

2010 Aug 27
I paid a second visit to 222 Lyon last night and I'm happy to report they now take reservations!
However, I wasn't as pleased with the food as I was last time. Regardless, this place still ranks as one of my faves.
Two dishes came up short. The tortilla de patata seemed extra thin this time, almost just like a regular omelette. As well, I found the garlic shrimps a little boring, although my table mates loved them.
On the positive side, I really enjoyed the spicy, fried chorizo, although I would have preferred a little more spice. It was pretty reminiscent of Spain.
As well, the pork and fig croquettas were nice -- meaty with a little bit of sweetness and well cooked. However, the carne (beef) croquetta seemed to overpower the fig entirely.
Sad to say, I didn't have dessert, but the wine was good (I always like Red Guitar) and the Sangria, although a little pricey at $9/glass, was totally delicious.
I'm happy to see a Spanish restaurant doing so well. It's always busy in there.

2010 Aug 22
I've tried about a dozen things on the menu, including several of the items that often change - ie. the preparation of scallops and croquettes change frequently (daily? never been two consecutive days, so can't say).

My husband is a huge fan of the fried smelts, and often in the debate about where to go, that's the craving that serves as the swing vote. I am not a fan of fried or smelts, so I can't say anything about how good they are relative to other fried smelts, but if you like fried smelts, apparently this is a good place to go.

I can honestly say that every other thing I've tried on the tapas menu, I've enjoyed. What I order depends on what I'm in the mood for, but things that sound like they will be spicy are indeed spicy. Things that sound like comfort food are hearty and comforting (the Spanish meatballs, or anything with the word cream in the description). Everything is flavorful. We typically wipe the serving dishes clean with our bread, so as to be sure we sop up every drop of sauce.

I like the atmosphere - casual, comfortable and friendly. It's not a large spot, and they do take reservations, so I'd advise that you make one if it matters to you what time you eat. There's a nice bar to keep you occupied while you wait for a table, although it appears to often be entirely full.

My only caution about this establishment is that the wine list is exclusively Spanish, and relatively limited. The wine that I drink when I dine out is a big part of the experience for me, and I haven't found any on the standard list that I particularly enjoy. That said, often there are additional wines to those on the menu, and some of those have been okay. It may just be that I am learning that I am not a big fan of Spanish wine, I suppose. I might broach the subject of bringing along a bottle and see whether that is encouraged.

Doesn't change my bottom line, though, which is that this is a great place for a comfortable, casual evening of good food.

2010 Mar 4
Their tortilla de patata is more delicious than the one my Spanish grandmother taught me how to make.
This gives me mixed emotions. :)

The food here is great. Been once, tried nearly everything -- yeah, I was hungry -- and it was all fantastic.

Even the small stuff, like olives stuffed with anchovies, were a flashback from Spain. A delight.

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2009 Jul 26
There's a variety of tapas to choose from here and everything sounds wonderful - and they are very reasonably priced ranging from $8-14. The waitress let us know that two of the tapas plates there are equal to a regular sized meal. So my date chose the grilled shrimp and I chose the chicken al pajillo (or al parillo?).

The grilled shrimp was succulent, not rubbery. They were perfectly flavored with garlic lemon and salt. The shrimp comes with the shell on and if I hadn't been using my table manners I would've eaten the shell too - it was that good! I think there were about 6 large shrimps which I think was a great value for $8.

The chicken was excellent too. It was like it melted in my mouth lol. I don't remember the main ingredients, I know there was prosciutto ham and...oh damn I dont remember. I do know there was no peppers in it b/c my date didn't like peppers. And the sauce is perfect for dipping your bread in. yumm

Next time I will try one of the squid tapas and the shrimp with peppers.

2007 Feb 10
Recalling a visit a few months ago... the food was great and the service very friendly. I remember, though, wanting to suggest to them replacing light fixtures as, particularly at the bar, the lighting is overhead and harsh. A visit to Home Depot would improve ambiance.