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2013 Jun 4
Memories is the bomb. Awesome food and big portion for an affordable price.

My wife and I have been going there for more than 3 years in the summer. We travel a lot from overseas coming from Dubai and every summer when we come down to Ottawa on the first day of arrival we'd stop at Memories just so could cure our 24 hour jetlag. It must be something in the food that does the trick :D

But unfortunately for this summer 2013, we were disappointed to find out that they have closed for renovation.

Please Memories, open soon, before we due to head back to overseas.

We've been craving for your food for over 7 months.
We're left with 1 month before our departure. Hope to be opened before we head back. :)

2013 May 2
New User 4678, your story does not exactly have the ring of truth to it. What probably happened is you stayed there for hours after you had finished your latte and cake and she asked you if she could get you anything else or the bill - which I think is totally appropriate if you've been there for ages, haven't ordered anything else, and she could use the table for other patrons.

I was a bit surprised by the reviews of Memories, but I only started eating there in January 2013 so maybe it has improved since then (the last legit review here dates from January 2012).

I like Memories very much and I am eagerly waiting for them to reopen after their renovations. I hope they won't have changed the decor too much because I thought it was cozy and inviting. I've never found the service to be lacking - it's not omg-super-amazing but staff are polite and I've never had to wait too long for menus or food. I do find that some items on the menu are overpriced (for example, the spiked coffees - I'm tempted to put the cakes in this category too, but the portion sizes are huge).

I absolutely love their chicken club sandwich, and all of the desserts I've tried have been delicious. My one suggestion (apart from lowering some prices) would be to get some new salad dressing, because it's the same raspberry vinaigrette every single time and it gets a bit boring!

2012 Apr 7
Headsup: Students aren't welcome at Memories.

I was by myself, ordered a cafe latte and a piece of cake.

30 mins in the owner came over and asked me to leave. She said she didn't want to attract people like me to her restaurant.
She has a problem with computers and books.
I told her I understand if the place is busy and I'm taking up a table, but there were free tables. I told her I'm a paying customer who hasn't been sitting very long, there were other customers who were sitting there longer.

I asked her if that was the problem she said it was mostly the computer and the books. I told her maybe she should put a sign on her door then saying that students aren't welcome, rather than waiting after I've ordered and now have to pay for my food.

She said her servers were supposed to tell me. WTH? Blatant discrimination!
She said she didn't want to attract people like me to the restaurant.

Worst part, people around me didn't care. Or she's racist.


2012 Jan 2
My wife and I recently tried this restaurant. I found that the service is mediocre to poor. I just felt that they lacked sense of urgency and a select few were unapproachable, just by the way they served other guests.

We ordered the special of the day, which we learned in culinary school means "don't order". But we did and were kind of disappointed. It was a club sandwich with salad. The chicken they used was a processed, and probably frozen chicken. We did like the fact the vegetables were fresh. Salad was a spring mix with a raspberry vinaigrette. I liked it, my wife found it too salty.

With that experience being said, we went back yesterday for coffee and pie, but they were closing in 10 minutes. So we ordered two slices of cherry pie, which is apparently NEW. $8 each. A little steep. We brought it home and ate it. We both liked it. The cherries were not too bitter, sour, or sweet like many other cherry pies I've tried. I found it lacked a bit of "something" to hold it together. A jam, or thicker sauce.
The counter person actually had trouble scooping it because it was so loose, but that wasn't a downside.

We would go back for desserts and coffee. Hopefully the food and service will be better.

2011 Jun 27
German Chocolate-Coconut Rum Cake.
This slice of cake was HUGE! I have also had a chance to try their apple pie and double chocolate cheesecake which taste better than this German cake. But anyways, this is still a really good cake. And their coffee is tasty as well.

2010 May 18
I've been to the restaurant twice. The first time, I was in a bit of a rush and the restaurant was busy. I waited 15 minutes to get a menu (after the waitress told me "I'll be right there with a menu"), and then left because I felt I would end up being late by staying. No big deal, I know sometimes any good restaurant can be short staffed or overwhelmed, so I returned with friends when I was less busy.

The food was good (other than a bug in my salad, but that can happen I guess). We enjoyed drinks, salads & desert. The soup tasted exactly like spaghetti sauce (with grated Parmesan!), but no complaints otherwise for the food.

The service was bad. This time there were 3 waitresses for 5 occupied tables, and they didn't seem busy, so I think service should have been great. Everything took a really long time & was inefficient (again, we waited a long time for menus). For example, 15-20 minutes after we ordered, the waitress came back to ask what it was my friend wanted again (as in, they haven't even started to think about preparing it, and because nobody wrote it down, she forgot). My friend asked for more water, so she came with a pitcher, and filled her glass only, in spite of the other 2 of us also having empty glasses. She would come and clear the table one plate at a time. I don't know if she's just starting out or doesn't like her job or what, but she just seemed to lack basic common sense.

All in all, not a terrible experience, but there are better places to eat in Ottawa so I don't know if I'll be back.

2009 Sep 22
new user 2060, i believe we call that `nitpicking` where i come from. $25 sounds really reasonable...

2009 Aug 30
New User 2060, assuming their menu lists prices, the final bill shouldn't really have come as a shock to you. Was it the portion size that made you feel ripped off? Was the salad just a tiny side one or was it a good sized bowl? If your $25 included tax and tip, then I consider that a good deal if the food was of decent quality and portion size. Heck, a glass of wine alone can set you back anywhere from $5 to $19..

2009 Aug 30
I was there the other day with some coworkers. All I had was Quiche with a salad and a glass of wine it cost me 25.00 I couldn't believe it. The service was another story it took 5 minutes just to get my change, they were slow and half my table got their food like 10 mins after us. I would never got back

2008 Aug 23
Went here on a recent Sunday afternoon for lunch. Big fans of the Memories Restaurant in Winnipeg - not sure if there is a connection here.
Decor is fine - bit run down and the table wobbled. Good bread and drinks were served fairly quickly. Server was very nice, but slow - I think there was a trainee working, so our server seemed to picking up a few more tables than normal. Had the special - Chicken Club sandwich of some sort. Disappointed that they were out of hummus. Apple pie for dessert - yummy!! Will be back for desserts for sure - have to try again for a meal, though, before I make a final decision.