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2011 Jun 17
El Duderino, word from the chef who created the waffles and chicken dish is that it's going onto their new brunch menu, available every weekend. (p.s. Looks super yum, even sideways!)

2011 Jun 17
The Manx had Chicken and Waffles the weekend of June 4th. They were absolutely delicious. Manx, if you're reading this put this back on the menu sometime very soon!

2011 Feb 25
Friends highly recommended this place, they dined at it regularly. For some reason, it didn't work for us. Hubby and I visited with another couple and 2 kids. The seating is so uncomfortable, tables barely enough for plates. The noise is overwhelming. The waitress seems to be in a hurry all the time, and would leave before we finished our orders. There's almost no passing space between us and the next table. We ordered fish for the kids and it was overly "fishy". Another plate for rice and beans was cold, and the salad not that appealing. It felt like there was a sense of community amongst the people there. We just felt crammed and out of tune.

2011 Jan 21
This is my favourite place to go downtown, especially when friends visit from out of town. You do have to arrive early (~5:30pm) to get a seat right away on Thurs through Sat.

Their menu is varied and changed often, and there is always a handful of daily specials to choose from. I would sum it up as tried and true pub classics with eclectic spinoffs and flavours.

They have a great selection of beer on tap (I'm a sucker for the Apricot Wheat St. Ambroise Ale).

Don't bring friends here that prefer a softball sized 'new york steak with fries' and the like, as the meals are reasonably portionned but are certainly plated for quality over quantity. (They do make kick-ass roasted fingerling potatoes, speaking of fries.)


I'd recommend to any and all who love good food and drink in an entheusiastic yet cozy atmosphere.

2010 Dec 4
Been to this place on three occasion now and it's always great. If your looking for a quiet meal or elbow room your in the wrong place. For great food and a lively atmosphere it's recommended. The specials have been different every time we have been in. I went for the burger with portobello mushrooms and pickled eggplant with fries. Very good burger large and juicy. The wedge fries are perfectly cooked and came piping hot even though this place was wall to wall people and the serving staff seem to have trouble moving around. My wife had the linguine with pea meal bacon cherry tomatoes in a sun dried tomato cream sauce yummmm! Portion sizes here are huge so a doggy carton was in order. Second great place on Elgin street in the past little while we have had the opportunity to dine.

2010 Nov 9
The only definition of "gay" that could possibly apply to a place is the one about "being full of merriment." In that sense, the gaiety of The Manx would depend heavily on the clientele at a particular time. :-)

2010 Nov 9
For reals?

I suppose this could be a valid question. In which case, my next question is have you read the reviews here? They make excellent food, serve great beer, wine and whiskey and provide a cozy English pub atmosphere. It's entirely likely that you will encounter gay patrons or staff... as you could anywhere in Ottawa. Go check it out, and if you're not comfortable for whatever reason, either cut your visit short or don't return for another visit.

2010 Nov 9
Question: is this a gay place? I'm planning to go there for drinks tonight, and worried my party might be a tad uncomfortable.

2010 Sep 30
I've finally tried this restaurant with my family. We went there on a Wednesday and it was almost full and we had to wait about 20 minutes for our table. (It was very hot at the entrance and my son went outside to wait since he can't stand the heat at the entrance. I think the AC is not strong in the entrance area.)

I must say that this is a place for young people to gather for a drink. I don't find the place comfortable to sit for dinner. I had to give a thumbs-up to the server (likely an owner) since she is the only server for the whole restaurant and she can manage it very well (it would help if she smiles more). When it comes to handling the bill, the guy behind the bar (likely an owner too) came out to help. Very good co-ordination and teamwork!

In terms of food, I had their Chili Steak ($16) and the steak was OK (not the best I had). The salad was good. My young son and my husband ordered Irish Harp ($6) for drink and my elder son didn't feel like drinking that night. He ordered Lamb Curry ($14) with soup of the day ($6) and he told me that it was good.

Overall experience was good. But I don't think I will rush to go back.

2010 Jul 19
I've been a handful of times and it's become a go-to spot.. the food is always good and the menu offers enough dishes that I haven't yet tried everything I've wanted to. This might be because the specials are enticing enough to make me order off the menu. The service is friendly and unintrusive, the prices reasonable, and the place itself is great for hanging out and feeling comfortable.
The beer list is a plus.. I think it was the first place I had Beau's Lug Tread on-tap in the city. There's plenty of other good brews on offer, too.

If I lived closer to it, I'd be there much more often.. once a month or so will have to do the trick for now.

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2010 Aug 12
ashley - i'd suggest having them try some of the microbrew options on tap. you can order 1/2 pint sizes if you want to try a variety of options - i find their 1/2 pint pours are usually very generous (unless they use the 1/2 pint glasses). the manx staff is really helpful at navigating the beer selection based on what your friends like. i could tell you to give your friends a pale ale, but if they don't like bitterness in their beer, they would be unhappy. an easy selection is beau's lugtread (ottawa), i find it fairly mild and pleasing. i am not a big beer drinker though. i like stuart's natural session ale (it's organic). it is slightly hoppy, but not too much.

if they like a light fruit flavoured beer (my husband would call it a girl beer), i'd suggest the mcauslan apricot wheat. also on tap (sometimes) is the waupoos cider (from picton area) which i find less sweet than british ciders.

2010 Aug 12
Can I get a list of MUST TRY beer list here? We will bring our out of town friends here for the beers.

2009 Feb 25
Was here on Monday for a few drinks with a friend from DC. Definitely an credible selection, very yummy, and super quick service!

2007 Aug 26
The Manx is the best place in Ottawa for drinks when the patios close for the season or it is raining in my opinion. Cozy atomosphere.
Only place in the city where you can get a Churchkey, delicious! Lots of other great choices aswell.
People are nice too which of course makes the beer taste better :)
Love the potato wedges, make it possiable to have just one more beer.

2006 Oct 17
One of the few places in Ottawa where you can get beer from the Church Key brewery (near Campbellford) a (relatively) local brewery that we enjoy. Great selection of beer overall and great food. The only downside is that it is often too crowded to get a table!

2006 Oct 4
Great beer selection, including (last few times I went) the new "Lug Tread" ale from Beau's All Natural Brewing Company -- very tasty.



2012 May 26
I can't say it's not good but, to be honest, there are several other places in the city just as good and it's not worth the drive downtown, the long wait for a table, and the crowded atmosphere.

I like it, but I don't see what's so special about it that it's ranked so highly.

2008 Jun 16
Had a very good Father's Day Brunch at the Manx. Just the regular brunch, but it was Father's Day.

Enjoyed my eggs benedict thoroughly. Nice egg on top of peameal bacon. Mmm peameal. Picked at my daughter's cowboy beans. She thought it was too spicy, but she thinks ketchup is too spicy. Not home on the range, but a good side. Coffee could use a taste punch.

Overall a tasty brunch and kid friendly.

2007 Feb 15
I always get the same thing when we go to the Manx for brunch (the one vegan option), the tofu scramble wrap. It's served with a side salad and is an enormous portion size. Very tasty, and I love the salad dressing. My one complaint is that the wrap can be a bit spicy for the first meal of the day. They pre-mix the spices, so you can't get them to tone down the heat, unfortunately. I also love the orange and mango juice and the limitless supply of yummy coffee.

2006 Sep 25
Haven't been in 3 years, but they had the most sensuous, satisfying garlic mashed potatoes accompanying your original benny. They would poke a couple of little garlic sprouts into the top of the pile of mash; it just made me giggle. Plus its so cozy and informal, you just want to have a game of checkers after brunch so that you can get around to ordering a pint from their ample bar. This place is one of the bigger reasons I want to move back to Ottawa.

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