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Foods from Mandarin Garden

2007 Jul 26
Okay, I'm going to get over my shame at having set foot in here for the greater good. Sigh.

NEVER GO HERE. Even if you're saying "I just want a quick bit of fried rice and veg, I know it'll be mall-food-court-level, but I don't care; just a quick dash off the Queensway, eat quickly, then home" -- it is STILL not worth it.

Really, one of those places so bad you end up with a new standard of bad; something to be talked about for years.

Food was a bit like they'd taken some vaguely Oriental frozen entrées and defrosted them two days ago. Dreadful quality, no flavour. I can't over-emphasise how bad this was. If it was in your kitchen, you'd throw it out.

Restaurant itself: dirty. The washroom: EEEK!

Capping the whole new-standard-of-bad was sitting near a fat blonde girl wearing five shades of pink and yelling out "LADY...HEY...LADY... HEY LADY!! I WAN' A CHOCKLIT MILK!! LADY!" As we were leaving, she was trying to bother the fish in the tank. I have to assume she'd been taken there precisely because she was such an awful little girl...