Foods from Local Heroes


2012 Jul 26
This place has turned into an filthy dump. A history of failed health inspections and staff + managers who drink while on duty! Eat at your own risk!

2012 Jul 5
We met a friend here for a late lunch and decided to eat on the bar side in a booth. It was scorching hot outside and thankfully the air conditioning was working well. Upon greeting us with menus the server informed us she was in training. I really appreciate being told this upfront. Immediately we were rewarded-she had to go check if there was any non-alcoholic lemonade (there was and no, it wasn’t on the menu!) She brought ice water while we decided on drinks. We ordered our drinks which arrived promptly and then the food.
We shared a 1 lb. order of medium wings and a mixed platter of potato skins, fried cheese sticks, zucchini sticks and chicken tenders. For $1.99 extra you could order a side of fries or a chef salad. We got the chef salad with blue cheese dressing on the side. Everything tasted like it was made in house-and the oil in the fryer seemed to be hot. The wings were very good but did not come with celery and/or carrot sticks. There were no sauces served with the platter but the server brought us sour cream and lemon slices (we requested and for which we were not charged). The chicken tenders were really moist with a nice light batter. The potato skins with cheese and bacon were very good and the cheese and zucchini sticks very passable for bar food. We were glad we ordered the salad (generous size and with lots of cucumber, grated carrot and tomatoes; it might have been too much grease because of the lack of celery/carrot sticks. All in all very good pub fare, decent prices, beer selection a tad domestic, excellent service. The bathrooms were sparkling clean. And as we were leaving, the manager came over to ask how our new server had been! Excellent she had been. If I had to go back to that wasteland stretch in Bells Corners I would try here again.

2008 Jun 21
It was Friday and the group wanted to go out to eat. Of course, they selected a pub restaurant (against my choice). Friday beer time for them.

I have been to the Local Heroes's Kanata branch and I have to say that the Bells Corner's branch is way better in terms of the environment and table arrangement. We were seated close to the bartender area where there are big TVs and counter-height tables. I like it!

I ordered their Special which was Fish & Chips with Peas Soup ($9.99). I ordered the Peas soup last time I was at their Kanata branch and the soup was terrible. The peas soup here was way better (although the soup has a burn taste). But I can deal with that. The Fish & Chips were ok (at least it was hot). Anyway, the food was at least acceptable.

P.S. I did check out the menu. I notice that the price of the dessert is catching up with the mid-size restaurant. For an old fashioned New York style Cheesecake dessert, they are charging $7.50. They also have deep fried ice cream for $5.59. Any one has tried their deep fried ice cream?