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2015 Nov 12
The facelift certainly didn't hurt.
It looks way more modern and tempting and less like a place someone's grandparents go for the early bird prix fixe.

2015 Nov 10
I hardly ever post where I eat here on Ottawa Foodies. I guess partly because I have been going to the same places and I agree with what I am seeing. But today I felt compelled to post.

I ate at La Strada in the Glebe last night. It has been forever since I have been there and I don't hear people talking about it.

It is well prepared traditional Italian dishes. I had a Caesar salad for $10. Totally what you expect in ingredients and presentation. It had a nice zing that kept me wanting more. Buttery croutons. Maybe too many but I didn't mind.

But it was the lasagna ($20) that really impressed me. It was HUGE so the $20 pricing eemed fair. The pasta was tender and the sauce was better than I have had elsewhere. It was cheesy but not too cheesy. I thought I might take half of it home but I just couldn't stop.

Of course it was slow for a Monday night but I do hope it is a place that is on the Glebe radar and a place people would consider if they are seeking out that old world Italian experience.

They have renovated since I was last there and they also have a new sign out front. It could be a special place to go for dinner if you have a crowd with that kind of leaning.

If all the dishes are as delicious as the lasagna I had last night, going back again will be easy.

2012 Aug 22
You're right-- not enough positive reviews for a restaurant that, in my opinion as well, deserves them. It's been a long time since I've been here, but only because I kind of forgot. I've had excellent meals here, especially when put up against what passes for traditional Italian at other places in the city.

A a nice place for a special occasion, too.

2012 Aug 21
Have been wanting to try La Strada for a while but with not a ton of reviews out there, we were a little skeptical. We never should have waited to try it, it was AMAZING. Very traditional Italian menu but the food and service were wonderful.

No complaints about any of the food we tried. They say the lamb is their speciality so I had to try it, it was perfectly cooked and seasoned properly, mustard sauce was delicious. Had the gnocchi to share for the table, they were clearly made in house and tasted awesome however the sauce was heavier than I would like but still no complaints. Others at dinner had pasta dishes and were all satisfied. And dessert was also great, perfect's lighter than the traditional version but still really good.

Another restaurant that we will definitely be returning to. It's a bit heavy, so I don't know if I'd visit for lunch but dinner again is a must.

2012 May 17
Best Italian inthe city bar none. Fried smelt and rack of lamb are the best I have had. Old school great food.

2006 Dec 8
I really have to get into the habit of carrying my camera around with me!

A friend and I went to La Strada for dinner on Wednesday night. It was my first time trying this restaurant.

I should preface this by saying that Italian is not my favourite cuisine. I love Indian, Thai and fusion food because of the varied spices, flavours and ingredients, so I tend to find Italian a bit boring.

However, I did enjoy my meal at La Strada. They have recently redecorated and the restaurant looks warm and inviting.

Our starters were the ceasar salad and the beef carpaccio which we shared. I thought both were delicious.

My main was the Pollo Quo Vadis (Chicken in Cognac cream sauce) and was served with a side of Fettucine Alfredo. It was very tasty.
My friends' was the Veal Parmesan and was served with the standard spaghetti with tomato sauce.
She enjoyed this.

For dessert we both had the Tiramisu which was light and fluffy and delicious and made in house.

Our total bill for the above plus a half litre of house red was $85 including taxes. Not bad!

Interestingly for an Italian restaurant, they only have one red and one white wine by the glass and the red is a Merlot which is not even Italian. We felt they should offer at least a Chianti or a Sangiovese by the glass!! Puzzling.