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Foods from Banco

2010 Jul 20
I love the buffet here!
Tons of delicious fresh food to pick from.
It is delicious!

I love the cheeses, breads and crab legs at dinner time.

2007 Jul 8
Never mind the quantity of food and the service, I've been disappointed in the quality of the food the last few times I've been to the Banco. The first year or so, you could totally tell that this place shared a kitchen with the Baccarat. Now, it's just bland, unimaginative and poorly executed fare.

2007 Jun 29
The buffet was Ok. Not the best i had ever had but again...its a buffet. I went to get a slice of pork loin from the carver and she gave me a very tiny piece so I went up again alter to get another slice and it was a look of shock on her face... oh my goodness not another thin slice?!?! Very weird considering its a buffet and i was given a super thin slice the first time.
Needless to say I found the staff to be less the courteous and the food to be just ok. If you are looking for a quick bite then it will do the trick.


2014 Nov 2
Came here for brunch today. We have been in the past and have been impressed but not today. Of the hot dishes, only the roast beef got a passing grade. The ham and chicken were dry. How do you ccok a chicken thigh to be dry? Sausages were also dry, potatoes were cubed deep fry ones, which are okay but I expect better from them. My dessert, some sort of compote with fruit was too sweet. The baked desserts were dry. Presentation was also lacking. Smoked salmon, while it tasted okay, was piled up in clumps on a dish. I could go on but you get the idea. We also thought there were fewer dishes and when we asked the hostess she said the noon brunch buffet had been reduced in what they offer as had the dinner buffet. Don't think we'll be in a hurry to go back. Should mention though that the service was very good and friendly.