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Foods from Joe's Pizza and Subs

2010 Sep 24
I ordered a large pepperoni pizza using the Just-Eat service.

Delivery time was spot on. I pre-ordered for 7:05 PM and they came at that time.

Price after everything was $24.

This pizza may be my new favorite.

The cheese was gooey, not like Milano's, and the pepperoni had a nice taste to it (they put toppings under the cheese).

There was plenty of cheese, and the sauce was good.

The pizza had a nice crispy crust, it was just the right thickness.

The pizza itself was a great thickness. I still miss the "pan pizza" from Pizza Hut. That pizza had the perfect thickness as far as I can remember.

I got some coupons with it too. I'll be using these I bet in the future.