In several mall food courts around Ottawa.

Jimmy The Greek
Souvlaki at Jimmy The Greek
Foods from Jimmy The Greek

May 5
The salads here are my favourite menu items. The dressing is quite addictive. My meal-sized salad of choice is the Greek Salad with Chicken (~$11). Even though the chicken is precooked and sitting in water, they slice it up to order and the result is excellent.

I've tried the salmon and it was just okay. Not really worth the extra price unless you're desperate for your biweekly Omega-3 dose.

2010 Jul 22
Admittedly, my expectations of food court food aren't really that high, but I have yet to eat at a sit-down Greek restaurant that has better food than Jimmy the Greek. The salad dressing is top notch, the feta is creamy,the chicken is ALWAYS fresh, portions are generous, and the spinach pies are great. Where else can you get a fresh, delicious big meal for $7??

2008 Jun 6
This place simply has the best gyros I've ever tasted. Better than the food court at Bayshore, better than Greek on Wheels, Yorgos on Carling AND the only place I've ever eaten in Greektown on the Danforth in Toronto.

I love them. Thick wonderful cuts of meat - NOT the frozen sliced stuff..

2017 Mar 18
The Pork Souvlaki Platter ($11.95 I think?) made for a hearty lunch. No single component would win any culinary awards and the potatoes were more oily than necessary, but it was all pretty enjoyable. I'm happy when I can get greasy carbs, tasty meat, and a delicious salad in the same meal!