Foods from House of Lasagna

2011 Oct 1
I've driven past this place for ten years, and decided to give it a try last night.

I had checked the menu online and expected a casual, homey pasta place; no frills but decent food at a good price. The atmosphere was clean and no frills, service was friendly, a bit slow and scattered, but the food was not great.

Lasagna did not have whole sheets of pasta. It was instead an amalgam of broken shards that was kind of served in a pile. It was advertised as having peppers and mushrooms, but it appeared that a couple of tablespoons of chopped peppers and mushrooms were put on a plate, then the pasta shards and tomato/meat sauce piled on, and it was finally topped with cheese that had been broiled to the point of crispness.

The Fettucine Giorgio was fettucine in a white cream sauce with ham and mushrooms. The pasta was overcooked, and the sauce characterless and soupy! The mushrooms and ham (thin bits of deli sliced ham) were atop the soggy fettucine, and then the whole plate was topped with the same crispy broiled cheese that was on the lasagna.

I think the kitchen may have been a bit challenged last night, as we saw a table of eight get served dinner two at a time about 5 mins. apart before we got our dinners. And many of the clientele were huddled outside the door on the covered porch smoking, but because the doors were open, the smoke kept blowing back into the restaurant. I think the crowd was mostly regulars.

Total bill including one glass of donini red and an ample serving of passable garlic bread was $40 not including tip. And incidentally the prices of the entrees were all at least $3 higher than on the website. For about $4 a person more we could have gone up the street to Tavola or Da Santino and had infinitely better pasta, in a much more pleasant setting.

2008 Jun 2
Huge Portions and a great quality too. Had to take some home