Bacon and Eggs Breakfast at Gina's Cafe
Foods from Gina's Cafe

2008 Jan 28
I go here every few weeks with my bf because his Mom's name is Gina, but it turns out that's not the only reason to go there. Usually we get the breakfast special, and it is always perfect. The eggs are almost always just how you want them, the bacon at that perfect consistency, and the home friends, which are more potato, less fry, are always tasty and lightly spiced. I've also had a really great broccoli and cheese omelette, and the bf enjoyed an amazing club sandwich there once too.

The food is not fancy or elaborate in any way, just plain good. Made with care, and very quickly, Gina's food reminds me of my Dad's Saturday morning breakfasts. It's cheap and yummy, and best of all, the owner and his wife (and occasionally another waitress) are very sweet and attentive.

If you're looking for a cheap, greasy spoon-type breakfast place, this is it-- none of this Ada's nonsense, Gina's is way better!

2007 Mar 11
My morning Aikido class goes here every friday morning for breakfast after class, so I cannot comment on meals at other times of day. The owners seem to be from Turkey, and are extremely friendly. The "greasy-spoon" breakfast of bacon-and-two-over-easy is very yummy. Some of the others I frequent the place with have very picky tastes with particular and peculiar orders, but the owner (who is often your waiter and is always the cook) is always pleased to make just about anything you want at a decent price.




2008 Dec 21
I can see the charm and appeal of this little wife and husband diner. Breakfast prices are average, but the quality of the standard breakfast items is not exceptional.

I went for the combo breakfast: eggs, home fries, bacon, egg, sausage, and toast. The eggs were perfectly done to order (over medium). I thought the home fries were quite nice (as LauraN said, "more potato, less fry") although they weren't to my wife's taste at all. The ham and sausage aren't worth having, and the bacon was fine but not stellar.

I'd go back if I lived in the neighbourhood and could walk there, but if I have to drive there are plenty of superior breakfasts to be had elsewhere.

2007 Mar 14
I eat this at least once or twice a month and really enjoy it. Their bacon is consistently crispy, but if you like it softer just ask and they'll do that too. By default it's crispy though and just done right. And his miss ratio on the over-easy eggs is very low (i.e. you almost never get them over-hard.)