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2007 Apr 26
I was worried because I didn't want it confused with Casa Antico Forno which is at 270 Montreal Rd. We've actually gotten them mixed up when calling in and ordering!! Haha...

2007 Apr 26
Unfortunately, they listed themselves as "Antico Forno" with the phone company (probably mixed up firstname and lastname). The good news is that "Forno Antico" still kind of works for the Location lookup. So I changed it. :)

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2009 Aug 25
Sorry to go against the current. It migth be a matter of personnal taste, but I found the pizza there of grocery quality (at best) and overpriced. Certainly not what you would expect from a place that boasts a wood burning oven.
The service was rather friendly, but I am never going back.

2007 Oct 6
My bf and I dined in at Forno Antico tonight. The decor is simple but nice. The service was prompt (water refills when our glasses were empty, greeted as we walked in the door, orders taken within a few minutes of arriving, and food arrived quickly) and friendly. I had the Primavera pizza (I asked for no cheese) and bf had the Mediterranean. Just like foodlover, I didn't get any spinach on my pizza, but it was tasty, so I didn't bother to ask about it or send it back. My bf enjoyed his pizza too. My new favourite pizza joint. I was happy to see that they deliver too.

2007 Apr 26
The name of this restaurant is backwards on this should be FORNO Antico, the one at 683 Bronson Ave.

This is the Primavera (I wanted to take a pic with it still in the box b/c it's square but we already put it on our plates...)
On the menu it says: Mushrooms, green peppers, black olives, roasted red peppers, and spinach. BUT, there was red peppers (not roasted), no spinach, and fresh basil? I hate it when resto's don't follow what their menu says!! Grrr..

With that being said, the sauce wasn't really flavorful and a little skimpish on the mozza cheese. I had asked what kind of cheese, if any, was on the Primavera when I called, since it didn't have it listed with the toppings like the other pizzas do.
Not too memorable...I think he's selling the fact that it's wood burning....

2006 Nov 20
Antico has some great pizza, and its rectangular too. For those of you that enjoy a traditional style the margarita (sp) is a great choice. Its just a simple tomato base with boccocini and basil. I usually have to pick up as their delivery driver takes off early.