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2011 Sep 22
They recently changed their sign to read 'Pizza & Tapas Italiano'.

Tapas... Italiano... look, i'm no tapas purist, i like small plate dining, i like asian small plate restaus, i enjoy 'real' Spansh style tapas... hell any restau can put three fries with some mayo on a plate and call it McTapas for all i care...

But when a 'wood oven pizza' place starts to get creative, i start to wonder.

2011 Sep 21
I was so looking forward to enjoying wood-fired pizza, but I don't recommend ordering from Forno Antico because of the bad service and mediocre pizza. I ordered two small pizzas and they took almost two hours to arrive. And when they did, they were cold! Plus they slid around so much in the box that half of the toppings had fallen off!

The dispatcher on the phone said delivery would take 45 minutes to an hour after I ordered at 6:30. I called at 7:45 to find out what the hold up was, and then again at 8:15 to voice my displeasure and had to endure attitude from the dispatcher. Finally the pizzas arrived five minutes later at 8:20.

Forno Antico boasts a wood-fired oven and putting all the toppings on each slice. But what's the point when it arrives cold, disheveled and two hours late!?

I will not be ordering from here again and recommend that you don't waste your time or appetites either.

2010 Apr 8
Sauerkraut, It feels like you are leaving out part of the exchange...

2010 Apr 7
Boycott Forno Antico!!!!!!
They are down right rude and need to take a course in customer service immediately!!!!!!
I actually spoke with the owner, had his driver call me a cheap bastard and my pizza that was supposed to be here in 45 minutes ended up on my doorstep ice cold and 1 hour and 20 minutes later. The driver's excuse was that he couldn't find my name in the directory. Even though they have delivered to this address on many occasions and to many people in this building.
When I phoned the owner to let him know what the driver called me, he answered "you deserved it!" and then hung up the phone.
I have never been treated or spoken to by anyone like that in my life! They will never see me again, and I will not stop with this posting alone. They deserve to go out of business if that is how they treat their customers. I work in customer service and would not even fathom talking to someone like that. The owner should be ashamed of himself.

320 McLeod St. Resident

2009 Oct 4
Not sure what newuser2150 means by Italian style pizza. Almost all pizza in Ottawa is not Italian style. Not sure if they meant Sicilian or Napoli style. Forno would probably fall into Sicilian style with it's thicker crust and square shape.

2009 Oct 4
We've passed this pizza place many times in the past and thought we'd be spontaneous and stopped in today. This was the most regretted food experience ever. The worst pizza experience of my life! We were expecting Italian style pizza - this was not it!! We ordered a Large meat pizza, most of the toppings were unidentifiable, the sausage was flabby and chewy, and what appeared to be bread crumbs must have been fake bacon and ground beef.?? To top it off the customer service was poor and the pizza was waaay over priced. Very disappointing to say the least, in retrospect I'm disappointed with myself for agreeing to pay for it!

2009 May 1
I finally had a chance to try this place.

I worked last summer for a wood fire pizza business last summer near Winnipeg, so I know my pizza.

I found the crust to be good, nice chew and flavor to it but much thicker than most wood fired pizzas I have had.

The sauce was OK for me because I have allergies to chili peppers and sometimes pizza sauces make my mouth react from the spicing.

We ordered the Pollo Bravo- chicken, pesto and red pepper($20.99). The flavor combination was nice.

I understand that this is a more traditional Italian style pizza with much less cheese etc than North Americans are used to. I am fine with that but I find the price point rather high. After taxes, our pizza was $24. There was probably no more than $5 (if that) of toppings and cheese on it.

The pizza was good but not outstanding.

2009 Mar 8
although the sauce is a bit bland I must say I've always enjoyed my pizzas from here as it is not overladen with cheese (i'm lactose intolerant)

the delivery is prompt and the pizza always hot

the owner always remember what I order:
bacon, sausage, pineapple, hot peppers, red onions, red peppers, mushrooms and fresh basil
cheese on half only

I always ask him to make my sauce abit zestier
ya it's a bloody square but I love the smoky taste of the crust no matter

2008 Jul 28
Ugh. The pizza here is subpar. The sauce is bland, the crust tastes like it's store bought from Loeb, the sausage has no flavour, the peppers are not roasted and the sundried tomatoes (my favourite pizza topping) are sliced so thinly that you can't tell that they're there.

On top of this, the service is mediocre: I'm not quite sure what Mers meant when s/he said that their water was refilled often, because it took us four tries to get water (but they had no issue pushing the $1.75 soft drinks...oh, that's for a can by the by).

It wasn't awful, but it sure as heck wasn't great. Won't be back.

2008 Mar 17
I went to Forno Antico to meet up with old friends. One of my friends had her 6-year old son with her and I had my 3-year old son with me. The two boys played with toy cars on a nearby table after the waitress had told us it was okay.

After they had been playing for about 10 minutes or so, the owner stuck his head out of the kitchen/cash area and shouted (yes, shouted) something like "They can't do that in here - you can't do that in here!". We were all shocked. His behaviour was extremely tactless and rude. When we left he gave us a phony-sounding "Have a great evening folks". Right.

I will never return there and I will be telling everyone I know with kids never to go there. Lots of other places have good pizza. The pizza was good, mind you, but the owner's behaviour pretty much ruined our get-together and our evening. No thanks.

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2009 Aug 25
Sorry to go against the current. It migth be a matter of personnal taste, but I found the pizza there of grocery quality (at best) and overpriced. Certainly not what you would expect from a place that boasts a wood burning oven.
The service was rather friendly, but I am never going back.

2007 Oct 6
My bf and I dined in at Forno Antico tonight. The decor is simple but nice. The service was prompt (water refills when our glasses were empty, greeted as we walked in the door, orders taken within a few minutes of arriving, and food arrived quickly) and friendly. I had the Primavera pizza (I asked for no cheese) and bf had the Mediterranean. Just like foodlover, I didn't get any spinach on my pizza, but it was tasty, so I didn't bother to ask about it or send it back. My bf enjoyed his pizza too. My new favourite pizza joint. I was happy to see that they deliver too.

2007 Apr 26
The name of this restaurant is backwards on this should be FORNO Antico, the one at 683 Bronson Ave.

This is the Primavera (I wanted to take a pic with it still in the box b/c it's square but we already put it on our plates...)
On the menu it says: Mushrooms, green peppers, black olives, roasted red peppers, and spinach. BUT, there was red peppers (not roasted), no spinach, and fresh basil? I hate it when resto's don't follow what their menu says!! Grrr..

With that being said, the sauce wasn't really flavorful and a little skimpish on the mozza cheese. I had asked what kind of cheese, if any, was on the Primavera when I called, since it didn't have it listed with the toppings like the other pizzas do.
Not too memorable...I think he's selling the fact that it's wood burning....

2006 Nov 20
Antico has some great pizza, and its rectangular too. For those of you that enjoy a traditional style the margarita (sp) is a great choice. Its just a simple tomato base with boccocini and basil. I usually have to pick up as their delivery driver takes off early.