Located with City Goose on bank, a small artisan pizza joint that uses multiday fermented dough to make artisan pizzas.

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Oct 9
We have ordered from here twice in the past two weeks and I can say that we have found our new favourite local place for pizza.

The dough is lovely, springy, tasty, and with a good amount of crunch, and is tasty.

Who orders pizza just for the dough tho?

What we have gotten are the O'Connor, the Frank, The Lisgar and the Secret Jamaican Patty Pizza, as well as the grilled cheese and tomato soup.

All have been delicious. The house made sausage topping is amazing. The cheese great and the sauces divine. As well, the grilled cheese was pleasantly crisp bread, and beautiful stretchy cheese.

Honestly, even with the cost, this is a pizza that thrills. And yes, we did have it the next morning, as one does with leftover pizza, and it made the tastebuds sing.

If you want a good pizza, I cannot recommend them highly enough.