Dumplings, snacks and bubble tea shop

Dumpling? Dumplings!
Foods from Dumpling? Dumplings!


Oct 9
We got an order of chicken and cilantro dumplings today. These just may be the best dumplings we have ever had, but they were a tad on the salty side. Will be going back for more.

Sep 25
We had an order of the shrimp/pork and the chicken and Chinese mushroom dumplings last night. Both were excellent and distinguishable from each other with hearty, chunky pieces. Delightful.
I can fry my own dumplings at home, but it was worth an extra dollar per order to get them to do it fresh.
The vinegar and hot chili sauce was excellent as well. Our homemade peanut sauce was an awesome topper, though.

Aug 31
I canít wait for the one on Bank Street to open. Itís just next door of Wolf Down.

Aug 31
Thanks! That's a great price for that many.

Aug 31

Aug 30
Thank you. I will be getting some of these. Sorry to be a pain, but how many are in an order?

Aug 29
Menu www.sirved.com

Regular prices. These are really fresh. Two ladies were frantically making them in the kitchen.

I think it is take out only for now.

Aug 29
What do they charge for dumplings? I can't find a menu.

Aug 29
A little restaurant tucked in a small mall on Centrepointe, south of Baseline. They make handmade dumplings on site.

They have pork, beef and chicken dumplings with choices of chives, cabbage, curry and shrimp, among others. They also have a variety of small eats such as marinated cucumbers, soy sauce pork hocks, etc. And a selection of bubble tea and iced tea.

My take out order of pork and chives and pork and shrimp dumplings were steaming hot and very juicy. They come with black vinegar and hot sauce.

These are as good as Dumpling Bowl, if not better. Will definitely be back.