A Toronto based chain of higher end burgers, with various religious themed names, and the obligatory "Secret" menu that's on the menu anyways.

Foods from The Burger's Priest


Sep 24
I stopped by for a cheeseburger this week. Covid Protocols are well defined even though I was the only customer. (Heads up that online ordering seems to have a mandatory tip page). The cheeseburger was fresh and very tasty. I had the full complement of toppings and overall the burger was reminiscent of an A&W offering in both flavour and price. Big difference was the Priest’s bun. Surprisingly, it was great.

Jul 15
So the wife and I went by on opening weekend to try them out. I got myself the Vatican (a double cheeseburger with grilled cheese sandwiches as buns) and she got a double low priest(Their big mac essentially).

So, the burgers were really good. Patties were tasty, as was their special sauce. The grilled cheeses were surprisingly good.

The fries would be perfect with a hit of malt vinegar, so if you get takeout, make sure you have some at home for em.

That being said, they are heavy heavy burgers. I am no longer a young man, and I overate to the point of feeling cruddy all night, so maybe next time I won't go into such hedonistic excess.