New restaurant on Richmond near Churchill by the owners of Allium.

Foods from brassica


Jun 17
Brassica (same owners as the former Allium) is doing a rotating curbside menu Friday-Sunday which they announce on Tuesdays. (Example in photo for May 29th, which is the day we tried it).

Their payment and pickup procedures were very efficient and contact-free, and the food is packaged ready to serve, no assembly or reheating required.

The best news for us was that while their website didn't list it, they in fact have Allium's trademark banoffee pie available most nights so we were able to order that as well , yum!

The biggest hits from our meal was the arancini and banoffee, but the salad, bolognese, and chicken were also excellent, good balance of flavours and textures It was a lot of food so we saved the most of the spaghetti and the pudding for the following night and the bolognese was just as good as a reheat.

Looking forward to trying their curbside takeout again and not just because we are banoffee addicts