Markie’s Montreal Smoked Meat
Located 15 minutes away from downtown Ottawa, Markie's Montreal Smoked Meat Restaurant is renowned for its traditional smoked meat sandwiches. Always faithful to its origins, Markie's Montreal Smoked Meat offers something for everyone and a modern, pleasant dining experience. The menu offers a wide selection of sandwiches, burgers, poutines, salads and much more! The restaurant concept and deli was founded by Mark Fernandez. (website)

Markie's Montreal Smoked Meat
Foods from Markie's Montreal Smoked Meat


Jun 5
This is tasty smoked meat. It is sliced fresh and kept in a warm water brine. It's not on the level of Schwartz' or Katz' deli but is a good sandwich. The one in the photo is a regular sized which is 7.99 and the 'huge' smoked meat sandwich is 9.99 which I don't think is needed, this was plenty for me. Rye bread was fresh and they put mustard on both sides. It also came with 1/4 a pickle spear. Hope they survive, the Dunn's Express and Robz all went out of business here. I drive by frequently and there is often a line of delivery drivers outside. I'm not 100% sure whether these are new owners of whether they just rebranded.