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Jun 19
Tucked away in the corner of Simons in the Rideau Centre, Eve gives off contemporary vibes. With high windows and cushioned benches, it's a nice café to work/study, provided that you can find a seat.

I found the coffee - arguably the most important part of a café - was a bit overpriced and underwhelming in both taste and quantity. However, where it lacked in coffee, it made up for in the food, which was a fancied-up version of what you'd find at a normal café but for a slightly lower price.

The first time I went, I ordered the Lobster Chowder ($14) that had an (over)abundance of lobster and could have easily served 2 people. I never thought I'd ever complain about receiving too much lobster. I'll admit the lobster was a bit chewy for my taste as well but at $14, I really can't complain. Besides that the chowder was nicely flavoured with hints of spice and paired exceptionally well with the sourdough bread that was served with it.

I ordered a grilled cheese ($10) the second time, which was a bit more manageable size-wise but just as good.

Service was surprisingly good, especially since the company policy was to refuse tips. The servers were helpful in my decision-making process and brought my food to the table for me. It should be noted that the café leans on the smaller size though, with a total of about 8-10 seats, so finding a seat may be a bit of a challenge. Furthermore, it can get a bit warm given all the windows; it doesn't feel like the A/C is strong enough in that area.

If you can bear the heat, I'd definitely recommend a visit for the food or for a place to work. I'll probably frequent the café more come the fall and winter.