Nana's Thai Cuisine
Nana's Thai Cuisine
Nana's Thai Cuisine
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Jun 8
Tried the yellow curry chicken and potatoes (Gaeng Garee) on rice from their lunch menu. It was good and a good quantity for $11.95. I felt like curry today but am curious about the other dishes, in particular the soup with pork and noodles. I asked the waitress about the soup and itís content but she struggled to explain it in English.

Lovely people though. The place has been repainted and is clean. While I liked the Vietnamese restaurant that was there, the tables felt a bit sticky.

I am happy to have a new, clean, and affordable Thai place that has good food.

Jun 2
We were at Nana's last night (June 1) and had a wonderful dinner. Two of us shared 3 dishes (a mango salad, a shrimp dish and a chicken dish) and some white rice. We also had spring rolls that appeared to be made in-house (not too much sodium). Each of the dishes tasted fresh. The coconut and peanut sauce on the chicken dish was exquisite. We truly had a great dinner. The cost was reasonable given that we also had a few drinks.

We met Nana and her husband. They are genuine people and hosts. I have not been to Thailand but this was one of the best meals I have had in a long time.

The restaurant and the restroom were very clean. There is also a patio (if there is ever some heat this summer) to enjoy a beverage and some appetizers!

May 28
Authentic Thai beef noodle soup just like I've had on visits to Thailand with a rich flavourful broth that puts Vietnamese pho to shame. I've loved everything I've had at Nana's but this is possibly my favourite. Given the recent closure of Nokham Thai and Coriander Thai I'm surprised that no one else has discovered this gem on Preston at the corner of Somerset West. Consider this a public service announcement.