Southern Indian fare in North Kanata.

In the mall on the corner of March & Klondike

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Flavours of Kerala
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May 17
I splurged out for the Thali at lunch.

The main dish (centre) was a lamb Chettinad with coconut & spices - very tasty indeed and the lamb was tender.

At the 9’oclock position, that was a Sambar soup which had a decent kick to it.

Up from there (10 o’clock ish) was Aviyal (veg, coconut curry leaves & chillies). I could quite happily eat a whole plate of that by itself.

Continuing clockwise, i think this was carrot & coconut. This was the weakest of the dishes and between the heat of the lamb and the sambar, I couldn’t really taste much.

Next (1 o’clock) we have Erussery, squash, peas & lentils which was a nice middle ground (wasn’t the star of the show, but I’d quite happily have it again).

The next one (2’oclock) was a complete surprise. It certainly seemed fruity, but neither I, nor my friend who tried some, could place our fingers on what it was. But we liked it. We had to ask, and it turns out it was Pachadi, which is pineapple, coconut and yoghurt. Pineapple! Yes that was it, it was obvious now. You can order this as its own side dish at dinner, and I would never have thought to do so (and that might be too much anyway) - but the sampler I got with my Thali was a delightful surprise and I’m really glad I had it.

At 3 to 5 o’clock is the delicious porrota and rice.

At 6’oclock, that was a portion of raita. It looked plain there, like it was just yoghurt, but the good stuff (cucumber & coriander & spices) were underneath and just needed a stir. This is a lifesaver if you misjudged the spice level and need to tame the fire.

Finally, round to 8 o’clock that was a dessert of sweet coconut milk with vermicelli.

This was quite a feast, and for $22 I wouldn’t do it every lunchtime. But as a splurge and to try new things (like the pineapple surprise) it was definitely worth it.

May 17
I’m surprised this place doesn’t have an entry already, it’s been open a while, and produces consistently delicious food.

It’s a small, unassuming place in the mall at March & Klondike. It has <10 small tables and the decor is bland, but the food most certainly is not.

I’ve had takeout several times for dinner when having to work late, but today I went for lunch with colleagues from work, and managed to take some photos.

The regular lunch items are ~ $12 and gets you a main dish (several veg, chicken, lamb, beef or fish options), plus a mystery side dish and either 2 porottas, a “full” rice, or most commonly half rice & 1 porotta. Now, I’m not sure if the scale comes across, but that “half rice” was pretty substantial so a full portion must come in a bucket. Also you don’t want to miss out on the deliciously chewy, but with a slightly crispy outer, porotta brad.

Shown here was butter chicken, rice/porotta and the side was potatoes & coconut.

This is a delicious and hearty lunch for that price.

Although this place isn’t quite on a par with the famous Coconut Lagoon, its not a bad substitute when you are at the other end of the city!

NOTE : The spice level here is somewhat elevated compared to other places. They ask how you would like your dish, and even though I like hot curries, their medium is plenty hot enough for me. So go conservative with your spice instructions until you’ve calibrated yourself!